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How to make your shopping addiction worse

Yep, that's right, I'm not the friend you should come to, to help fight your shopping addiction. Oh no, I'm not your Shopaholics Anonymous coach. Why? Because I'm not one to talk. I'm that friend who aids your addiction by telling you where to shop. Where to get good deals, how to shop smarter and (more importantly) why you need that thing. When you really, don't need it.

So I may not actually, be shopping every time I go to a shopping center. But I guarantee you I'll walk away with at least one thing. Blame it on a very minimal childhood where clothes and shoes weren't a-plenty and the only books I read were free from a library. Because now, I'll buy that book and take every two-for-one deal I come across. 

I'm basically, Rebecca Bloomwood. Before she was reformed. Every time she saw a sale, that was her justification to buy the thing. Honestly, that's my justification to buy it. There was a sale.
Sorry, not sorry? 

Okay, so I may not be the shopaholic she was, and I may have a little more restraint than some.
But, I do believe you can help your love of shopping without having to stop yourself. I mean, I seriously think there are justifications. 

Let me explain myself. Don't hunt me down just yet.


Before you grab that item and run it down to the checkout, always determine if the price is worth the item. And vice versa. Is that pair of shoes worth the $60 it costs? I rarely ever purchase a pair of shoes for more than $40. But, I only ever buy combat boots. So they're only ever priced as such. Take a look at how the item was made; the materials, the stitching, the sturdiness.
Is it worth the price tag? Will it hold up? Will you wear it/use it for a very long time? Is the price worth it? If yes to all of the above, then you probably won't end up with buyers remorse.

Insider tip: you should never buy basic-thin ballet flats for more than $10. It's not worth any other price. It was cheap to make it should be cheap to buy. You feel me?

Take advantage of discounts, shop around and look online.

Girl, you know you can get that thing cheaper online than in-store. Why fight it?
The only thing I never buy online is beauty products. Too many things can go wrong with that, not to mention how different things look online than in person. You can't swatch that foundation from the other side of the screen.

Clothing and accessories, however, is a different story. Take advantage of websites that list only items that are massively discounted, from other brands web-wide. That way, you only need to make one stop. 

Insider tip: if there's one place that's going to aid your shopping addiction, it's Fashion Lane. Talk about shopaholics paradise (or worst nightmare amiright?) This Australian owned site, gathers discounted and on sale items from a range of brands, and puts them all together in one place. Well-known brands of course. I'm talking ASOS I'm talking Ted Baker.
A collective of sales to help your addiction along. How thoughtful.
It all redirects back to the original brand's website, so you're not purchasing from a dodgy place.
You're welcome.

Wait for them sales, girl.

You know damn well that jacket will go on sale next month when winter comes to a close, so why pay full price for it now? Unless you really (and I mean really) want that thing, and you think it won't be there in a month. Otherwise, wait it out. Trust me, you'll thank me later. 

If it says 2-for-1, you get 2-for-1.

Two-for deals are the best thing retail has ever invented. Talk about justifying your purchase. If you can buy two things cheaper than you could have bought just the one, do it. You literally, get two for the price of one. Or, at least, two for a better price than one.
Basically, you get more for your money. Which is the better way to shop. 

Insider tip: clearance racks are your best friend. Aussie ladies, your local Valley Girl, and Temt always have $5 and $20 racks full of great things.
I can't tell you how many items in my closet were only purchased for $5 or $10. From both of these stores. And they're usually always discounted from double that price. So win-win?

Okay, have I made your addiction worse?
I'll stop here then.

And I'll see you in Shopaholics Anonymous next month. Save me a seat?

Post sponsored by Fashion Lane, however, all words, opinions, and tips are completely my own.
Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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