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Photog for your Blog: using polaroids in your posts

Us bloggers love a good Instax mini and retro polaroids. It's the height of "cool kid" status and all the cool kids have one. Or pretty much, anyone. Let's face it, we love them. We love the instant prints, collecting our memories and storing them for later. They make great decor pieces and look even better in photos for our blog posts and Instagram shots.

I use them all the time. My polaroids serve as memories, artistic additions to my photography, and props for photos. I use my Instax like it was a proper DLSR. I take it out with me to capture landscapes and subjects I'm photographing on the day, and save my polaroids in a tin that I call my "artistic snaps" tin. After all, I don't always print out my photos when I go out for a shoot, so my polaroids are instant prints.

They can be used for personal purposes, or for your social media imagery and they can look damn good. 
As I begin to launch a new project of mine, a free newsletter titled Photog for your Blog, I couldn't help but want to chat a little about using your polaroids in your blog or social media posts. Just a few tips, tricks and ideas. Because why not? We all love a good polaroid shot. 

Using polaroids in your blog posts & photos.

Take your polaroid with you on any adventure you're having.

First thing's first. If you're planning to write a blog post on it, take your polaroid. This is also, how you can get the most out of your camera. Snap that pretty landscape, or those fancy artisan ice creams. Get your #handsinframe and keep it simple. Make it fun, artistic and creative. You can't go wrong.

Take a polaroid of your beauty flatlay. Keep your background stark-white and minimal, lay your items down, and snap. This makes an interesting addition to your post. Plus, it looks pretty cool.
It'll work for your lifestyle posts, food photography and basically, anything else.

Take a photo of your photo.

One way to incorporate your polaroids into any post is to simply, take a photo of it with your usual camera.
Lay the photo on a plain background of your choice, arrange it/them in the position you want, and take a focused shot. Looks pretty great, right? 
If you have multiple polaroids, stack them. Spread them around and generally, just arrange them in a cool way that speaks to you. Adding this to your blog post just looks super creative and fun.

Scan your polaroid.

If you're able to, scan your photo to your computer and crop it tight. Break up your photos with a blown-up shot of your polaroid. This can look pretty darn artistic. If Oracle Fox can do it, so can you.

Make it minimal.

A great one for Insta shots is to hold your polaroid between two fingers and photograph it against a plain wall, or backdrop. Get your wrist in there too. This will work better with some shots more than others, so play around with it. 

Generally, just have a little fun with it. Your polaroid camera can do more than just take vintage-looking selfies. Or selfies with friends. You can use it just like you would a normal camera. And you can use those images for more than just decorative statements on your bedroom wall. 

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. Love these tips! Polaroids automatically add such a cute touch to a stock photo, I need to get my hands on one!
    Kyah /

    1. I can't get enough of mine, always looking for arty ways to take a polaroid! I can't count how many times I've used them for an Insta photo just for the sake of it haha.


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