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The best witchy TV & Movie list (according to me)

You know me, I'm a massive witch fan. Any movies, TV shows, books on the subject, I'm so down. Anything witch-related. I collect crystals, tarot cards, burn sage, candles, and watch ALL the witchcraft things, and I won't apologize.
There's nothing I love more than a strong group of powerful women battling demons and abusive men with a wave of their hands. Plus, there's usually always a black cat involved. And I'm all about that. 

In honor of only recently (I know, it's bad) starting to watch Witches of East End, I began thinking about all the other shows and movies I've collected (and re-watched) that are purely witch related. Not including horror. Because I'm not about that life.
There are a few, I must say, not a single witchy thing gets past me.
So whether you're a witch-obsessive like me looking for your next witchy fix, or you're looking for a cancelled witchy TV show to binge-watch on Netflix, I got you, girl. 

A list of the 10 best witchcraft-themed things to watch.

1. The Secret Circle. (Aka. Why the heck did this get cancelled right as it was getting interesting?)
2. American Horror Story Coven. (Aka. The best season yet.) 
3. Witches of East End. (Half way in and already obsessed.) 
4. The Craft. (The movie that got way too real for me, but it's a cult classic, so yes.)
5. Beautiful Creatures. (I can't stress how much I adore this movie, I know it off by heart now and watch it every year for Halloween.)
6. Labyrinth. (Aka. My childhood, my all-time fave movie, not entirely witchcraft-based, but the Goblin King is one magical man.)
7. The Covenant. (YES! Chace Crawford anyone? Oh, also Carter Baizen xoxo Gossip Girl.)
8. Practical Magic. (Of course.)
9. Dark Shadows. (Although mostly about a Vampire, he only became one because of a witch.)
10. The Vampire Diaries. (See above for similar plot-lines. With bangin' witches and exciting backstories. And many magical events. The witches (literally) keep this show going. How could I not mention this amazing one?)

There are many more, I assure you, but these are the ones I will re-watch until I die. Seriously. Amazing.

Happy witching.

Photo by Sheree Grace


  1. I am loving this post, amazing list with great tips! =^.^=
    xo Kitten ♥ The Howling WolfHeart

    1. So glad you liked it, I love witchy lists, especially when they're up-to-date and modern. I just love watching all the witchy things haha!


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