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What Valentine's Day really means (IMO)

"I believe you should express your love EVERYDAY not just on Valentine's day." A sentence you've heard over a million times said by over a million people. And it's usually the single ones who utter those cliche words trying to sound like they "don't care" even though they really, honestly do. Those in a couple say that too, for some reason? You, yourself may have said that exact thing many times before. I've probably said it once or twice too. It's something you say when you've told yourself Valentine's day is just a cliche. Commercialised and ridiculous.

But it wasn't until I began thinking about alternative ways to celebrate this non-Holiday, that I stopped listening whenever anyone said those words. You may even catch me rolling my eyes whenever someone (especially someone in a relationship) says that exact thing. 

Don't get me wrong. I do think you should express your love every day. But I also don't think V-Day is about suddenly showing up with flowers and "I love you's" just for the sake of it. You feel me? Okay, let me explain myself. 

Valentine's day is there to serve as a reminder to appreciate the love you have in your life. 

Any and all types of love, mind you. Self-love, romantic, pets, family, friends. It's a day to remind you to (if you don't already do so) tell the person you love that you do before you no longer get the chance. And to remind you to take the time to show yourself some kindness, before your self-hatred gets the better of you. I can relate, to the last one.  
We all forget to appreciate our loved ones quite often, if not all the time. Right? Life get's in the way and we don't say "I love you" to our gal-pals anymore, and our significant others become "background noise" and "the norm" to the point where you're accidentally taking them for granted. Or as each day passes you decide there are more important things in life that to sit down with your loved-ones. Your job, money, your house and all those bills.

Sometimes, we forget how to really, love our loved ones. But, before we know it, life is over and you've missed your chance to do so. Leaving you to regret how little you said those three words, eight letters. 
Similarly, you forget to appreciate yourself leaving you old and grey wishing, "I should have loved myself more, I could have enjoyed my life much more than I did."

So basically, Valentine's day is there to stop you from feeling regret, later on, that you didn't express your love enough. 

It's not all about being in a relationship, and it's not-not about being in one. It's about spreading, appreciating, and receiving all the love you can before it's too late. 

Yes, we should be doing these things every day. But how often do you really, do? How often do you forget or brush your love aside for another day? "There's always tomorrow. They already know I love them." Do they? A little bit of love-expressing never hurts. 

Not to get all cheesy on you but, cherish the love you have and spend V-Day remembering and appreciating it. Not pushing it away because of a "commercialised non-Holiday." Or doing nothing because "it's not a big deal."

When was the last time you told anyone you loved them? Well, do it now, and do it a dozen times on the 14th. 

Because you can. 


Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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