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Your new favourite lucky plant pal, the Bamboo

Say hello to your new little friend. It's not a cactus, and it's not a succulent. It is, however, one of those plants you can't really, kill. Aka, my kind of plant.

The Bamboo.

Any house plant that puts up a good fight is my kind of plant. A plant that can put up with my laziness and live without much care-taking is exactly, the kind of plant I want on my desk. But cacti are too mainstream for me. (Jk. I still want a little cactus of my own.) 
Oh no, instead, I must branch out into the kind of plantie you don't see all over the squares of Instagram

But it is the kind of houseplant that can do you no wrong. It's perfect for your living-decor requirements and is your next take-home plant of choice. 


(Fair warning, this story will likely sound like I was sponsored by the bamboo plant. I wasn't. Obviously. A plant can't sponsor you. But I almost wish I was?)

The bamboo is a lucky plant.

A symbol of good luck in China. It also happens to be a great one to have in your home during this year of the Monkey (especially if you're a monkey, like me. High five for the monkeys hey?) 

I don't know about you, but a little good luck is never a bad thing. If it comes in the form of a living plant, then who knows what kind of great luck you'll have in store? 
As someone who's openly and unapologetically superstitious, I believe in this kind of omen. I believe in my horoscopes (sometimes) and especially, in the Chinese zodiac. 
So basically, I HAD to get it.

Just be careful not to kill it. I'm sure that's not a good sign.

However, killing it will be quite the challenge.

It's durable and can handle your lack of a green thumb. 

Aka. Me.
The bamboo is like your average cactus. It thrives indoors, even in your low-lit and air-conned apartment. However, by a window on your desk won't be harmful either.
Basically, it's the ultimate indoor plant. No matter what your situation is, it can handle it.

It can go without water, and without too much care. It's hella strong. 

It will also live happily outdoors.

Granted it's summer and you live in a damn hot environment.
Okay, maybe a tad misleading. 
But, it can survive outdoors in the heat, just ensure to warm it up in winter. 

It's pretty, no?

The bamboo is your ultimate houseplant because it looks good. It's leafy without being too leafy. It's like a softer, prettier, tree-like version of a succulent. It's enough to give you panda-vibes and isn't like your typical plant friend. 

It's the perfect pal to have with you on your office desk, and your cat won't hate it for being prickly. He also won't be tempted to eat it. Unlike my previous fittonia's. True story.

They're super easy to take care of. No, really.

Unlike a succulent that says it's easy but comes with a list of do's and don'ts. Bamboo is truly, easy to take care of.  
They only come with one instruction;
Water when the soil is dry. 

Seriously. That's it. Bamboo and I are a match made in heaven. I literally, don't have to bother until the soil is bone dry to the touch. 
No catch. 
How great is that?

You can grow more of them!

According to the little cardboard attached to my plant, you can cut long stems off to encourage new growth. And you can grow that cutting separately, as a whole new plant in either water or soil.
However, water-growings need more care.
And we're not about that life. 

They make fun subjects for stylized photography.

True story.
They're also pretty affordable. I mean, mine cost $10. Pot and all.

So, why is the bamboo your new go-to houseplant?

Because it's awesome, and I love it.
Also, because it's the perfect houseplant for the lazy, the busy, the lack-of-green-thumb and the plant collector. It'll be your loyal, quiet and long-standing office desk pal and it'll look great while doing it.

What other reasons could you possibly need? 

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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