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My study and essay on the minimalist aesthetic "thing"

Beyond using the #minimalist hashtag, marble everything and dressing in black and white, there may be a little bit more to it than just that. Okay, not maybe, very much so. But I'm just going to focus on aesthetics and three lifestyle aspects. Because that's all I can handle right now. But, needless to say, I'm intrigued.  

Over the past few weeks, I had gotten bored of having too many clothes in my wardrobe that aren't always useful. Gotten annoyed in having too many makeup brushes to wash and too much makeup I never even use. (Seriously, I've built a lipstick collection I'm proud of, but I rarely wear half of them on a day-to-day basis.)
I've begun to see no point in building my coffee-table book collection with books I rarely make a dent in, and since running out of a few perfumes at once, I haven't seen a reason to rotate more than one or two scents.
Don't get me started on simple, beautiful Insta shots, I mean, come on?

Is it just me loosing interest in what used to make me happy? Or are my lifestyle tastes simply changing? 

But wait, what the heck IS minimalism? I mean, really? 

Well, as I see it, getting right down to the definition of the word.

Minimalism is to have the minimum when it comes to things. Stuff. Material objects.

Be it just the bare minimum, or only having the essentials/necessities that one person may define as what they think is an essential. So, not just having stark white walls, desks and bed coverings, hey?
While having a lot of stuff is great, and can make some people really, happy. Others just don't see the need to have so much stuff. Especially if you're not using it/wearing it all that often. Because what's the point?
But rather, to have just the right amount of stuff to make life a little easier, more fun, and stylish. Without going overboard.

And then there's the aesthetic aspect of a minimalist's lifestyle. 

Living with less doesn't have to mean an empty space, some ugly basic furniture and really, unstylish clothes hanging over a chair. Although, technically, that would also suffice. But where's the fun in that? Let's get our aesthetic on people! 

Although black, white and grey is the epitome of a minimalists colour scheme, throwing in some pops of an accent colour doesn't do any harm. Blush and pastel pink are my go-to. 

The obvious: your wardrobe.

This one is pretty easy. A simple, neutral colour palette that will go anywhere and pair with anything. Namely, a bunch of basics. Yes, pretty, chic and sleek basics.
I'm talking simple jeans that will carry you through, without fail. Slouchy tee's, basic dresses, long jumpers, knits and tops you can mix and match with one another, and still look effortlessly chic. 
Inspiration: To The 9s

Less can simply mean - simple. Items that can carry you anywhere, and can last you for quite some time. Limiting your need to shop and own more and more. A basic never goes out of style. And having a wardrobe filled with basics takes the guesswork out of putting an outfit together. You don't have much to choose from, yet it all looks great. And it all looks great together. Making outfit possibilities endless and effortless. 

Minimalist makeup? Is that a thing?

I believe a girl only needs her essentials when it comes to makeup. That might sound a little old-Hollywood. But also maybe the dream? A minimalist's makeup doesn't have to be "minimal". But it also totally can be. 
Her collection, however, there's only one way to minimise that. Finding your trusty go-to's and sticking to just that. One concealer, foundation, blush, eyeliner, etc. Enough to fit inside a cute monochrome makeup bag to make things even simpler. 

This part of my lifestyle is the only part I've managed to get on the right track. And it darn well makes my life so much easier.
A smaller makeup brush collection wouldn't hurt either. A selection of fantastic brushes to meet each of your needs is all you...need. 

Of course, the last on the list has to be interiors.

Artfully placed furniture to look great, however, you only have the necessities. Bedrooms are great for this. You only need a bed, maybe a vanity/office desk (if not bookshelf) and a little decor. All spaced out yet you only possess what a bedroom needs. 

Bricked walls (or white ones) really "make" the aesthetic. Having what you require in a room coupled with modern, sophisticated designs.

So, basically.

Minimalism is about having only what you need. It's about simplicity. Living with less while simultaneously keeping it modern and sophisticated. Rather than having things that eventually, end up as clutter, you have things that will carry you for a long time. 

Maybe it's a phase, a "hot" lifestyle trend of the moment that will pass. Or maybe it's what grown-ups eventually do because, well, money. Either way, when executed beautifully, a minimalist lifestyle doesn't sound all that drab. 
But rather... FAB!

An investigation an essay carried out by researching no other means than Instagram, Pinterest and other bloggers. By research, I mean an explanation I've concocted by just looking at other people's lifestyles. 

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. Minimalism is huge, particularly with bloggers; and I do love it. However I'm just too much of a colourful, busy, collector of things to really fit in, even though I wish I could haha! :) I would love to declutter though!
    Jemma xx

  2. Oh girl, I so get that too! The collector thing, I wanna go minimalist but at the same time I can't walk away from an MLP plushie to stack with my others or tiny toys. I'm a sucker for tiny toys... Oh the dilemma, to minimal or not to minimal. I guess just the idea of it is as far as it goes haha!


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