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How's this for a slice of super cute? DIY IPhone case printables.

Raise your hand if you're a phone case-a-holic. *Raises hand* Our little tech besties are basically, part of our personalities and style. So why not dress them up super cute like we do to ourselves? Can we be blamed? I mean, we need to protect it from damage. And seriously, they're not super amazingly pretty to begin with. Not to mention changing their case every month is like getting a brand new phone. The excitement is REAL.

Especially when there are just so many funky, cute case designs out in the world ranging from super cheap to "why the heck does a piece of plastic cost almost $30?" No, seriously.
I mean, the sucker that I am most likely will cave on that metallic case that is severely over-priced. But the cash-savvy person I pretend to be ended up going for a cheap clear case instead. One that, I only realised after I bought it, can be dressed up and customised so easily on the fly. Completely DIY

"OMG, I can print some stuff out myself and make my own cute case!" she says. Only after the boring clear case was snapped on for the sake of protecting the phone. *Lightbulb* 

So what does a girl do next? 

She searches for printables, isn't happy with the lack of cute selection and designs her own. Too easily.
I hope you don't mind the pink attack. But also, I don't care if you do. Because it's awesome, I love it, and they're free. So why are you complaining?  

How to:

It's quite simple really.

Clear phone case + designs downloaded by clicking here + pinter = oh my, phone on fleek. 

Just hit that print button, pick the one you like the best, cut it out as carefully as possible to keep it smooth, place it inside your clear case, then snap it on the back of your phone.

Printing them on thicker paper helps to keep it sturdy, however, regular printer paper doesn't hurt. It's going inside the case after all. 

Voila! How easy (and FUN) was that? The best part is that you can do this a dozen times over whenever you want to change your design. 

I'm sure these cases can be modified to suit whatever model you have. Just play around with the size you print. Lord knows that's what I did to get the perfect sizing for myself.  
All I can say is that I'm hooked! I couldn't stop designing cases for myself and ended up with these. 

Why not share them eh? 

The pink faux fur which was sourced here
And I shot those flowers a few years ago as part of my first floral series. Genuine, unique, Sheree photography on a case.


Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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