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What to do when you lose your job

The life story of us all. If it hasn't yet happened to you, it will. And it's okay. That's how the world works. Whether due to your place of business closing down, redundancies due to staff cuts, or you were fired for no reason at all, you've just lost your job. 
Is it scary and ~hella~ depressing? Or a blessing in disguise because you didn't enjoy your job anyway? I'll leave that one up to you. 

We wouldn't be Millenials if we didn't experience a place of business going under at least once. It's called the economy, and it sucks. 
I recently had the pleasure of gaining, and then losing, a job as the business I worked for shut-up-shop. I probably should have acted more surprised, or even sad, when I was told. But the truth was, I didn't enjoy the job very much. I even had plans to leave as soon as I found something else. 
The only downside? I hadn't found something else and was, therefore, left unemployed like everyone else my age. 

Here's what I could do:
Wallow in self-pity.
Where's what I won't do:
Wallow in self-pity.

Here's what to do, when you lose your job.

A story by me.

One: enjoy it.

Not the losing-the-job-part (although, maybe that part?) The finally having some free time, part. Chances are, your job left you with limited time and little energy, leaving you with neglected hobbies, side-passions, and projects. 
I know my job as a children's portrait photographer had me all kinds of exhausted before the day was even out. Leaving me with no motivation to write, or to even look for a job I love. 

Now that you've got some free time enjoy it! Who knows when you'll have free time like this again? Don't fret about it now and regret it later. 

Two: re-evaluate your career goals.

If you lost a job you considered short-term, take this time to really, think about what exactly it is you want. 
What would you enjoy doing? What do you want
Then, go for what you want. What have you got to lose? Not a job, that's for sure. Too soon?

Three: look at this life event as a silver lining. 

I forbid you to think of this as a bad thing. Especially if you didn't totally love your job. 
Think of this as the Universe giving you an out. A chance to go after something you love, something that pays more, something you deserve. 
Think of this, as the Universe saying, "This is not where you're supposed to be. You're supposed to be somewhere else." So take it. Find your bliss. 

Four: don't hide away. 

It's so easy to fall into a habit of staying inside all the time and binge-watching TV shows. While you have permission to binge on shows, try and get out at least once a week. 
Take a walk down to a local cafe and sit for a bit. Just to get out and be around other people. It'll help put things into perspective, give you a little more inspiration as well as exercise and fresh air. Adventure to farmers markets every weekend for some fresh flowers. When you go grocery shopping, dress up a little more and go to a shopping centre so you can wander around. Window shop, even. 
So you can get used to being around other people. And to feel a little more human.
You may even find things start falling into place the more you're out in the world. 

Five: go and get that bigger, better job. 

While you're doing all that, apply for jobs, email companies, etc. You know the drill. 
Don't give up, and don't be hard on yourself. 

You'll do just fine, and you'll get there in the end. 

I mean, we have to believe that's the case because otherwise we'll all go crazy. #realtalk.

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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