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Why houseplants are the best

Houseplants and candles. The song every blogger sings, and the title of every lifestyle guru's book. Your office space isn't complete without one of each and your Instagram feed most definitely isn't. Are you even a real #lblogger if you don't own at least one succulent?  

I don't know when I first caught the houseplant-bug, but I haven't looked back once, after purchasing my first two babies. (One of which did not survive. Reasons unknown.) 
It was a downward spiral from there, always gravitating towards the garden section and checking out the potted plants in the fresh food aisles. Oh, they're so pretty. The smaller (and sturdier) they are, the more I love them. Slap on a $10 price tag, and we have ourselves a winner. I even recently FINALLY bought myself a baby cactus. Yesss.

It's not even funny how many times I've run down to the florist to buy myself a bouquet or pot-plant after work. 
Even just looking at the plants makes me feel a little better before I begin my journey home. Weird right?
And I do mean small houseplants. The kind that will sit comfortably in the corner of my desk, or inside a square on my bookshelf. If I had a boxed bookshelf, that is. *Adds to wishlist* 

But why are houseplants so great? Nay, the BEST?

They're ~hella~ attractive.

Therefore, they're hella attractive to keep around in your office space/living space/sleeping space. They're living, breathing decor that looks fresh, vibrant and beautiful. However, key word being living - do take care to try and keep them alive. 
If it's colourful or even just vibrant, it adds a natural splash of colour to any space. And who doesn't love that idea?

Taking care of something, even a low-maintenance cactus, just feels great. Especially when they flourish.

The feeling of having something "alive" in your space.

Much like lighting a few candles, having a live plant can make your space feel less isolated and lonely. Even while you work alone at your office desk, a plant baby or two can instantly liven it up. 

They can make you feel a little more productive.

Having a fresh bloom in your space can make your productivity levels rise. Seriously. Just by having them near you can make you feel so much better. I mean, they're alive and growing releasing some fresh oxygen for you to inhale so, of course, there's a feeling or productivity there. 

You're surrounded by nature outside, so why not bring a little nature inside?

If you're the kind of person who loves the outdoors, forests and nature, (raises hand enthusiastically) bringing some houseplants into your space instantly makes you feel brighter and happier. Because you've literally, brought a little of the outdoors, indoors. 

Little potted succulents, cacti and even a mini bamboo plant, are easy to maintain.

Enough said.
They can also be inexpensive, so you can get yourself a little buddy for just a fistful of change. And they can stay with you for quite some time if you treat them with love. Making them the perfect low-cost, low-maintenance office space decor buddies.

Larger houseplants, make great living room additions.

They can fill up a large empty room while recycling your air to ensure you have a fresh space. And they'll make it feel much more homey.

Sitting some on your front porch also creates a welcoming vibe. And, let's not sugar-coat it, looks so pretty.

In short; houseplants are the best because they're super pretty, inexpensive, low-maintenance, and great for some office decor.

Not only are they Insta-worthy, but perfect for those with any form of home office they wish to liven up a bit. 

It's any wonder I've become obsessed with an incessant need to become a plant-parent a dozen times over.

Worth it.

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. this post makes me wanna buy a cactus!:) haha

    1. Haha, do it!! They can be super cheap too which makes it even better! I'm obsessed.


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