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Nay for more makeup brushes than makeup.

Yes, that does say "nay" and not "yay." That was not a typo. Despite having an obsession with brushes and always wanting more, more, more. I'm not entirely, thrilled with having so many. In fact, the idea of having more makeup brushes than makeup is a recipe for absolute disaster. And I'm a little exhausted just thinking about it. 
You can't deny it. Especially not when you really, think about it. 
Maybe the minimalist's approach of one kit per person is the better way to go. 

Don't get me wrong, I love having a makeup brush collection and pretty, shiny, metallic ones with copper ferrule's make me want a bigger one. 

But I also have some things to say on this matter. Things I thought of last night as I washed my brushes half-asleep in anger. "Why so many?" And my collection isn't even half of what some (mostly bloggers and vloggers) have. 

You see, having more makeup brushes than makeup, means MORE CLEANING. 

I'm guilty of buying more brushes so that I don't have to keep washing my older ones. Lazy girl's hack? Maybe not. 

So this is how it goes. 

Our brushes get dirty. And because we have a dozen others, we just leave the dirty ones aside and start on the clean ones. And we keep doing this until all our brushes are filthy. 
And then the catch comes. 

Now, instead of washing about five brushes, you're washing fifteen. 
We already hate washing our brushes as it is. 

That's damn hard work.

Makeup brushes are supposed to be cleaned regularly anyway.

If we only just had a few essential brushes, it would force us to clean them as soon as they get too dirty. Because we don't have a choice. 

Which is what's supposed to happen anyway.

The longer a brush sits in filth, the more bacteria will grow. Which will cause deterioration. This is something know already. 
So, only having the minimum is better for the quality of our brushes. 

Less is more. 

I'm a big fan of buying high-quality brushes. Spend a little more, own a little less and take care of what you have. In the end, that is much better than buying two dozen cheap brushes that won't hold up.

Now we're talking about cost-vs-worth.

Brush kits are the best to go for when minimalising your collection. 

You only have what's in the kit, and those are usually all you need. The higher quality the kit is, the longer it will hold up. 
Hopefully, you'll still be carrying your trusty kit in a few years.
And they're the only brushes you'll need to clean.

I aways wonder how girls with 50 brushes handle all that cleaning. And do they even use all those brushes?

Okay, so maybe the main reason why we shouldn't have more makeup brushes than makeup, is because of the extra cleaning. 

But it's a big reason!

Nevertheless, I'm slowly finding myself jumping on that minimalist train. My makeup collection has already diminished down to the essentials/things I only want to wear. And having a small makeup bag to get me through, feels great. 

If I ever did a "makeup collection" video, I guarantee it won't be a 30-minute tour of "and this is my blush drawer with 50 blush's I never use."

Only having one eyeliner and mascara to choose from makes my mornings easier. Same with having a signature look. I find what works, and I stick to it. 

And I think the same should go for brushes. I'm sure there's a campaign slogan in here somewhere. 

Moral of this story is: I'm super annoyed with having so many brushes I need to wash. 

Second moral of this story: I won't be buying anything new for a while. Replace what you got but don't duplicate. 

I think kits will be my new best friend in the future.

By, Annoyed with my makeup brushes.

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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