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A list of very good reasons to workout

While working out to look good is still a valid reason to do it, that's not the only reason, nay the most important one, to workout. Quite honestly, if vanity is your only motivator, I'd have to question how well you're treating yourself. Not your body, yourself.

You can't deny how often people equal working out to body image. "I want to fit into a size 0." "I want a (shudder) thigh-gap." And how often outsiders equal your workout routine to body image. "You're already skinny enough." "Why don't you just love your body for what it is?"
Blah, so boring.

Okay, so here's when it got me thinking. For a pinned sponsored post on Tumblr, I'd never hit reblog faster in my life. Thanks, Nike Women.
Hashtag, why I workout. I know why I get down with my Pilates routine. But really, thinking about "why" had me asking, what are the "good" reasons to workout? Beyond just "looking good."

You can run, walk, go to the gym or stay at home and do Pilates. It's all well and good, and it all has benefits.

#whyiworkout. A few good reasons, to get your active on.

For your bones.

Got stiff joints? Maybe a hereditary problem? Weak bones? Some light stretches and working of your joints can work wonders for helping you physically feel better when in pain, but also strengthen them.
If you've got scoliosis (me), regular exercise is key to avoiding the spine slipping beyond "this is bad" zone (me) and into "danger" territory (hopefully never me.) 
Taking to the floor for some stretches and Pilates (recommend) helps the spine feel amazing, and helps to strengthen it. 
Even for normal, healthy bones, working out will keep your bones normal and healthy. Also strong and youthful.
Not today early Osteoporosis! 

To strengthen your muscles.

You don't need to build your body like a bodybuilder. However, regular muscle movement will help to keep them strong. So you can open that jar of sauce without a man's help, and you can lift that heavy thing without breaking a sweat.

It also means you can punch fuckboys square in the face when they belittle you thinking you're working out to look good for them.

To keep your body fit enough to take on anything, at any time.

You never know when you're going to need to outrun something (someone, amiright women?) or jump over a physical hurdle. If you can actually manage to do that, you're on your way, girl. 
Have you ever experienced back pain or leg aches from standing or sitting for too long? A little exercise will help fix that in no time. For the reasons stated above.

To make yourself feel better about yourself.

Not necessarily to feel better about your body, but also, feel better about you. Just being able to achieve physical challenges is enough to make you feel great because you are great. 
Even taking a walk around the block and not losing your breath will have you thinking, "OMG my body can handle ANYTHING now!" 

It's still okay to feel good about working out because you want to improve how you look.

In saying all that, if you just want to look slimmer, more toned, etc. And you achieve it. You will feel just as happy with yourself. And that feeling is amazing. 

Generally, a little workout makes you feel good. 

Your body, muscles, bones feel great. It improves how your body works and functions, and it can be fun.

It can also be quick because us lazy girls don't want to be spending an hour a day ja feel? The longest I do is 15 minutes a few times a week. Blogilates, you ma bae. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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