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Finding your Instagram feed "look" & editing those photos

I agree (and also disagree) with those who say your Instagram feed needs to have a specific "look." First of all, who died and made them the king of Insta? But also, there is one very agreeable reason to follow their advice. But it has nothing to do with gaining followers and likes so, sorry for that. 

Having a particular "look" to your feed is not only uniform but makes curating images so much easier. And that's the most important part, right? We lazy girls just want to take a simple snap that looks good and matches our aesthetic and "branding" (bloggers, amiright?) without thinking too much about it. 
Oh, the difference it makes when you take the guesswork out of the equation. 
"How am I going to style this shot today?" 
Nah, how about the same backdrop and the same style. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. Mix up the props, make that new coffee mug the focus and click. Easy as pie. 

But hey, how do you find your "look?" 

Stark whites, marble, and monochrome is ~sO hOt riGhT nOw~ should I just do that? Well, yes, you can. If you timelessly love that look and can stick to it. If, and here's the big part, that's to your aesthetic liking. 
But what about those of us who don't want to follow the trends? #rulebreaker. Rebel alert. 

It takes a bit of trial and error.

Here's what those blogging-bloggers apparently forget to mention, you can't come up with the perfect look right out of the gate and stick to it. Despite how many tell you to "pick a theme for your feed and stick to it."
Breaking news, it isn't that easy. Lord knows how many times my feeds look has changed. You can see my phases almost in a gradient on my feed

First, you'll try out the monochromatic white marble effect. You'll love it at first. But then it gets boring. You realise you can't quite master it the way others can
Then, you'll try and get creative with a pop of colour against the white. Yes! But then, that looks a little plain. Etc, etc. 

That's okay, just roll with it. See what works and what doesn't, eventually, you'll find the perfect balance. When you do, that will naturally, be your look. 

Get inspired. That's what Instagram is for!

You know what else you can do on Instagram? Follow others and interact with their feeds. GASP! Who knew? 
Follow a bunch of creatives with feeds you love, and take inspo from them. What do you like about their shots? How have they styled it? Lighting? What backdrop do they use?
Then, try it out for yourself and see if it'll work just as well for you. Again, trial and error.
I'm inspired by Coffeeandthingsdiaryjustynaniko, lolypopp3 and linda_lomelino

Who are you?

Sometimes, it can be as simple as you and your style. Black and white, colour accents or all out colour crazy? Simple minimalist or creative cluttered flatlays? A bit grunge or crisp and clean?

How do you filter?

You could start with a specific editing-technique. Not every shot will work with the way you like to edit. So that's a handy way to find your look. How do you like to edit your images? Bright whites and sharp lines? Or maybe a little more vintage with washed out tones. How about bright colours instead? 
It can be as simple as your favourite filter in Instagram's editing suite, to your favourite app that allows you to retouch specific elements. 

Once you establish your preferred editing techniques, that's enough for your feeds "look." The rest will fall into place. 

But now I need to edit my photos?

Apps are your best friend. There are so many out there, each of them will give you varied results depending on your preferred aesthetic. 
Chances are, you've already found your partner in Instagram crime. 
*Cough. Probably VSCOcam. Cough*
But I'm here to gush about something else. 

Sorry if you're a monochromatic addict, but this app is for my colour lovers out there. Because this, is all about colourful images and making them pop. 

A Color Story.

Made by the geniuses behind A Beautiful Mess. And is the one-stop-shop for photo editing. Seriously, it's all you need. 
It has a few really, great free filters that give your photos a wash of vibrancy and enhance the colours in your images. You can layer filters and alter how strong they are. To really, take control "settings" gives you advanced options. It's basically, a mini Photoshop. Curves, sharpness, clarity, tint, brightness and contrast. You even have the option to enhance the colours of the shadows and highlights. Making your images pop with vibrancy. 
Image edited with A Color Story.

Wow, so fascinating.

Okay, so a paragraph later. It's just perfect for editing colourful photos. 
Take my word for it. It's all I use.

However, the best part is that you can save your editing steps as your own personal, filter. 

So you can just apply your saved editing steps to every photo you take and voila. You have your own "look" to apply to your Instagram feed.

There, I knew this was going somewhere.  
Now all your photos will have the same treatment. Too easy. 

So play, play, play my friends. Trial and error, find what works for you and you're laughing. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. aww hun, love your blog! I love writing too, bloggers are my fave people haha xx

    1. Aww, thank you lovely! Writing is so much fun haha it's sometimes hard to stop and then you end up with a massive post. Bloggers are pretty fab tho, always my fave!

  2. Great, I also love your instagram feed.. What an amazing colors you have.. Still learning how to snap the photo lol

    1. Thank you dear! I love having pops of colour, that's def my thing. Snapping the photo is the best part! haha, practice makes perfect, for sure!


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