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The Scene Kid Hair. A Horror Story

I was about fifteen-years-old, and it was all about the emo/scene kid look. I thought I was prepared. I'd watched all the Youtube videos of girls butchering their hair with razors and thought, "It's not THAT hard." 
You may be able to tell by the fact that I was watching all the Youtube videos of girls butchering their hair, that I was desperate for that "cool-girl scene kid" hair. Not that I was ever a cool scene kid. Not even close. Thankfully?

I can't say I didn't beg my mother to take me to a hair salon. I hadn't had a haircut in ages, and I had even gathered some "inspo" pictures in preparation. 
"If you want your hair cut, I'll just chop it all off into a short bob." She said. 

So, there was really, only one option left. She honestly gave me no choice. By the time, I had grabbed my fabric (yes, seriously) scissors and leg razor (yes, seriously) I didn't have a care in the world.
I was ready. I was going to have cool, scene kid hair, and no one was going to stop me. 
Grabbing a fist full of random hair from the top of my head, I raised those blunt metal edges and slid them over the bunch. Snip. Next random section of hair, snip. 

In the most uneven line, you could possibly imagine. 

I couldn't stop. And I didn't until I was sure I had reached cool girl status. Ruining my razor to "thin" the hair out. More like break the hair off.
Stepping back, I feasted upon my masterpiece. 

My hair now looked like the most ratchet mullet you had ever seen. I had bald patches hidden beneath uneven and very short layers. The layers didn't even look like layers. More like a jagged mushroom top over some dangly bits. While a very (very) thin layer of hair hung, limp, from the base of my skull. The short layers didn't even reach that thin layer of hair.
Like I said, a jagged mushroom top over some dangly bits. 
Nothing framed my face, and I had ruined my side-fringe even more than having a side-fringe ruined itself. 
Lord only knows what I must have looked like to strangers on the street. Homeless? Like a stray cat who'd been in a fight with other stray cats? 

How on earth did those girls get their hair to look so cool? 

There was nothing scene about this look. Noob-grunge, maybe. I looked like I had just dipped my head into a blender. Butchered. Regret instantly ensued. As did the tears. MUM, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS? 
Blaming everyone else sounded like the only reasonable thing to do.
The only way I thought to fix it, was to keep my hair in piggy tails until it grew out. Because, at least, it didn't look so obvious. 

However, those looks and backhanded compliments didn't go unnoticed. Just like my damn mess of a haircut. There was no hiding it. Nothing could fix this now.

I've been cutting my own hair ever since. And all I can say is practice and beauty school works wonders. 

Also, not trying to look like a ridiculous "scene kid" helps too.

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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