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The lazy girl's guide to face-washing

Ugh, those days when you used to actually, care about having a washing, cleansing, face routine. Who has the time, energy and rhymes with ducks to give? Honestly, I feel like the only people who over-do it are the bloggers. If you ask a celebrity or "It" girl about their routines, most of them will reply, "Oh, I just use water, or rose water." Is that the truth? Probably not, but don't you just crave only having to take two minutes instead of thirty to clean your skin? 

While, it's true some of us need a lengthier routine because our skins are the bane of our existences. Some of us only need the minimum of product that do the job right the first go-round. 
And I'm lazy. And I don't love seeing products pile up on my vanity. Some of which, I've stopped using. Remember when I used to slather rosehip oil on my face? Bah. 

For me, only using the top-3 for healthy skin is good enough.
And in my experience, less really, is more.

How to lazily wash your face. 

The daily saviour: Witch hazel. 

Goodbye, so long, won't miss you micellar water. Hello again, why did I ever stop using you, magical witch hazel
I use it to tone, cleanse and aid in makeup removal. It's gentle, natural and keeps the skin clear and looking lovely. 

As a toner, I use it after a cleanse with a proper wash. It refreshes, balances and smooths the skin out. If your face wash leaves your skin in a tizzy, this will surely fix that. 
On the second day when I'm too lazy to cleanse, I use it. Just this. Witch hazel alone. Nothing more.
Oils be gone, blemishes vanish, hocus pocus. 

Not a day goes by that I don't use witch hazel. I mean, the name alone, hello? 

The "all you ever need to wash your face." 

You really, don't need much to cleanse your skin. Just a soft natural cleanser and you're good to go. Something that includes wonderful oils to do it all-in-one is even better.
Every second day when a good wash is needed, all I do is wash with my trusty natural cleanser, and I'm on my way. 
To make it even lazier, I just include this step whilst in the shower. 

Just wash, rinse and witch hazel. Done. You're now free of oils, dirt and makeup. And it feels, so good. 

The laziest of makeup removals. 

Oh, face wipes. Once upon a time, I used to use a proper makeup remover. And then, I couldn't be bothered anymore.
If you have some fantastic, gentle face wipes, that's all you need. Well, for someone who wears a light coverage of makeup, that is.

Just buff away your skin with both sides of the wipe and rinse off (your face) with a little water. Not only is it quick and easy, but it's affordable. And travel-friendly.
I always, follow with witch hazel to ensure my face is clean. Just because it works. 

Who says you'll need a dozen products and an hour? More like give me three and five minutes.

I also assure you, I'm not sponsored by witch hazel. But wouldn't it be fab if I were? A years supply, please. 

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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  1. I'm so glad I happened upon your blog... it's perfect for me. I'm all about eliminating as many steps from my routine as possible, especially since I live out of my suitcase half the time. I recently discovered the ERASE YOUR FACE makeup remover cloths that do a surprising good job with simply using the cloth and water to remove most makeup. They launder really well too. The makeup easily washes out of them.


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