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Making your flower bouquet last a little longer

First of all, why buy a fresh (-ish, I mean we waiting till the end of the day when those prices drop #jafeel?) bouquet of flowers in the first place? And really, why buy them for yourself? Isn't that the job of friends, family and cheating boyfriends trying to buy you off?
Here's what I say: why the heck not? 

As someone who's never been given flowers, buying them for myself is very satisfying and undoubtedly makes me happy. Especially after a long day at a job you don't entirely enjoy.
They instantly brighten up any space in your home and can sometimes give off a lovely, natural and subtle fragrance. And just like having houseplants, they're alive which instantly makes you feel better, happier and can cleanse your breathing space.

They're also hella pretty. So, I revert to my opening argument. Why the heck not?

And, although, we're buying them at the end of the day when they're at their least perky. We still want them to last as long as we can make them. I want my $6 worth, you hear?
After killing my first batch of pretty pink carnations in two days. I learned a thing or two. 
Most of which was that flowers are not cacti, and they need water. Whoops.
I also figured out, that I'm a pro at carnations now. They're also my favourite flower.

So look out for some of those handy dandy tips.

How to make your flowers last a little longer. 

Pick a good bunch. 

Well, duh. But seriously, the better your bunch looks from the start, the more of a fighting chance they'll have. Inspect each petal to make sure they look as fresh as possible. No wrinkles or brown bits.
Also, don't buy a bunch that has more closed up buds than open petals. They won't bloom. Trust.

Carnation care. Don't buy a bouquet that has too many closed buds. You're wasting your money on the few pretty ones. The buds won't open up. If they do, the full blooms will have died by then. I learned that one the fun way.

Bigger flowers last longer.

The temptation to say, "bigger is better," was too real. Whoops. 
Flowers with pollen bits in the middle and larger petals will go further. Roses last longer due to their tough petals and stems. So that's what to look for. 

Carnation care. Larger carnations last the longest while dwarf and mini carnations won't. The more petals they have and the bigger the heads, the more sturdy they'll be. They also look prettier in a vase. 

Cut their stems on an angle.

When cutting them down to fit your vase, don't cut them straight across. Angle your scissors upwards, and cut diagonally so they have a pointy end. It's weird, but it works. I honestly think my second bunch of carnations lasted longer because of this step. 

Otherwise, they'll be sitting flat against the bottom of the vase, and won't be able to soak up as much water. Blunt ends also squish the stem and causes them to break down quicker. 
Angled cuts allow the stem to stay stronger and drink up. 

Change their water daily. 

If they come with a handy packet of water soluble flower food, then this tip need not apply. That packet is enough to make them last longer. 

Otherwise, make sure to change the water in the vase every day. 
Especially with carnations. If your vase is transparent, you'll literally, be able to see why. After just an entire day, the water begins to turn yellowish and will start to smell the longer the water goes unchanged. And I mean SMELL. Because of obvious reasons. The stems break down and such. 

Also, don't give them TOO much water. You don't want to drown them. Plus, the florist only sits them in a few centimetres of water in the shop, so why give them more than that? 

Sufficient sunlight never hurts too. 

With all that, and a sturdy bouquet of blooms that naturally last longer (Google it), your flowers should stick around relatively well for at least a whole week. 
Which is much better than two days. Talk about getting your pennies worth.

Now when they die, it'll be from natural causes, not you. Hurray! 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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