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How to note-take on the go like a pro

My life changed along with the discovery of note-taking and list-making apps. Like, seriously, changed. I used to wait until I was home to write down any story ideas in my physical notebook. Or take notes in the calendar app. (What?!?) I still use a notebook. But now, if an idea strikes when I'm out, all I need is my phone and a trusty app. (I repeat, what?!?)

But not just story ideas, oh no. Shopping lists, business ideas, things you mustn't forget but do every time. And, my personal favourite, your pin number because try as you might, you just can't ever remember it. And you can't always pay-pass. Lesson learned the hard way.

Sometimes you just can't run to your notebook, and the closest thing you have is your phone. And sometimes, the basic notepad app just doesn't cut it. Not when the organisation of your ideas is at stake here people! 

Note-taking on the go, like a pro.

Wonderful Wunderlist. 

We could sit here and count how many blogs have mentioned Wunderlist before. But instead, I'm going to thank those blogs for introducing the two of us, and go on living our wonderful life of matrimony. 
Wunderlist is the ultimate list-taking app. It's simple, minimal and straightforward. You can create multiple "lists" and then create "to-do's" within those lists for ultimate organisation. 
Shopping lists, stories, errands, etc. Once the task is complete, tick the box, and it disappears. Too easy. 
It keeps all your notes organised neatly, and you can keep them there until you tick them off. 
You can also customise how it looks, because who doesn't want that? I mean, right?
It's also free. Otherwise, I wouldn't use it. Let's be real. 

Ever-notable Evernote.

I think Evernote was brought up once in Design School, but I never thought to try it until last year. Granted, I don't use it now I have Wunderlist, but it was fab and very useful. 
It's perfect for jotting down detailed ideas. 
While Wunderlist is mainly for one-liners, Evernote can create a "note" with as much detail as you'd like. Think of them as being virtual stick notes.
Got a blog post idea? Fab! Give your note a title (your post title) and then write a few lines below brainstorming further. 
To make things simple, you can create "Notebooks" to store notes in (basically folders.) 
It's easy to use and great for on-the-go brainstorming.
Free, of course. 

Micro-notes in Microsoft OneNote.

A universal note-taking programme. Most of us use a PC, let's be real. They're universal (you'd be surprised how many workplaces use them) and they're just more attainable for the average jo. 
OneNote comes pre-loaded into your computer with the ability to download onto your phone too. 
Much like Evernote, you can create "notes" that can be as lengthy or brief as you like. Folders to organise your stuff, options to create a working shopping list. 
Shopping lists that physically puts a tick next to your "ticked off" item, how cute? 
Described as a virtual "notebook" you can do it all with this guy, and is a mix of both Wunderlist and Evernote
Also, free. 

Each of these note-taking companions can also be downloaded onto your laptop. So any notes you take can be synced between devices. You can write your idea down while you're out. And then bring it up on your computer at home. 

Well, that's what I do. 

So you see, there's an option for everyone and each one makes on the go note-taking easy. 

Now you're a pro. Congrats, here's your Degree. 

I only wish I had the first two while I was studying Journalism. Oh, go figure. 

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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