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You don't need a DSLR for blog photos

I can't help but shudder a little when I see a blogger, vlogger, whomever, talk about how they've just spent more than they can afford on a DSLR, just to "get better blog photos." Which, isn't all that necessary for a blog. Now, hold up. Let me just say, if photography is your absolute thing and you've saved up for a camera and quality lenses because that's what you've always wanted, then I'm with you, girl. Up top! 

But if it's just for your little blog, there are much more affordable options that work just as well. 

My DSLR is my baby. I've had her since Design School and I definitely, have favourites when it comes to my lenses. But even I find it a little unnecessary when shooting blog imagery. She's a bit chunky and quite heavy. And she's at her best photographing wildlife portraits, not hovering over my setup for flatlays. 

Okay, shoosh. We don't want to hear about your "it's complicated" relationship with your Nikon. 

Spoiler. You don't need a top-of-the-range DSLR for your blog. 

That's something you can always work up to when you can afford it comfortably. Or if you start shooting fancy, complex editorials because you've just become the next Oracle Fox. Okay, maybe unfair since she's an actual photographer. But you feel me right? There's no rush or urgency for it. A DSLR won't make your blog the most popular thing on the block. 

It's not about the body. It's about the lens.

People often believe that your photo quality stems from the camera body. Nah. What will give you the best results, is a very high-quality lens. Think about it like the human body. What affects your eyesight? How your body is built or your actual eyeballs? 
There's a reason only two out of my three lenses get loved.

A point-and-shoot with interchangeable lenses is the new black.

They're adorable, compact and can be much more affordable. As a mix between compact and DSLR, where can you go wrong? All you need to do is find your holy grail lens and you'll be cooking some amazing results. Or, sometimes the lens they come with is just as great.

However, high-quality regular point-and-shoots can do just as well.

Lighting. There's nothing more to it. 

Blog photos are as simple as that. They don't need to be a work of art, but using great lighting can make them pretty darn close. To get the best results, you just need a lot of natural light and a good set-up where that light source is. 
A large window diffused with a sheer curtain can act as a natural softbox providing the best lighting you'll ever have. Photos will be bright and sharp, looking their best and it's free! 

Getting yourself a simple set-up in front of that window will make your life easier, and will ensure each photo you take looks the same.

Your phone can do crazy things these days.

You've paid a fortune for your little buddy and continue to do so, as you keep it alive. So why not use it? Phones with amazing cameras produce impressive results. That's most phones these days. Just add natural lighting and a fab photo editing app. 

I've seen some amazing photography from iPhones that just proves how well they can do the job. Just remember, always give the lens a little clean before you start (makes a huge difference) and take advantage of the auto-focus lock.   

Did you know you can get lenses for your phone too? I know right?!?

They may be a little gimmicky, but sometimes they're good enough. And they're cheap. You can get some real wacky phone lenses out there, but you can also find some great wide-angle lenses that give you more picture space and higher quality images. Find a gem and you're on your way to fantabulous blog photos. All by enhancing what you already have with your phone camera.

Better yet, you can travel with your mini lens, making on-the-go blog photos a cinch. 

Finding a photo editing system that works, is also great. You can't go wrong with Pixlr, for those who don't desire any photo editing programmes. When you don't need them. 

So you see, great blog photos can be achieved by the simplest tools and the best lighting you can find. 
They don't need to be magazine quality. Just bright, clear and looking good. 

A DSLR isn't necessary, only a luxury you can certainly have when you're more comfortable spending that much.

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. Great post - 100% agree - I have a Nikon and it is amazing, but it isn't always handy and the clunky nature of DSLR's is accurate.

    Also - you ALWAYS have your phone with you! Which iPhone lenses have you had success with? I am thinking of picking one up!

    Lisa @

    1. Right?!? And yes, pretty much everyone has either an iPhone or a Sumsung which both take excellent photos, and they're with you everyday, it's a win win!

      I don't have any iPhone lenses yet - up till recently all I've seen are fish eyes (yuk) - but I've had my eye on a Wide Angle from Typo here

      I only saw it recently but I may give that one a go actually! Can't go wrong with a wide angle or macro.


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