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A handy-dandy guide to Insta flatlays

Let's just get these few points out of the way first. Practice makes perfect. They'll never truly be perfect. You're always learning/improving. You're never a "pro" although you'll have fun trying to be. 

Despite "flatlay-ing" since my time studying photography at design school, I was never a flatlay queen. I'm still not. Never will be. Give me wildlife and a 300mm lens, and I'm all about it. But flatlays took some darn practice. I swear it's an art form. 
Whenever a "tips" video or blog post arises with how to take fab flatlays, I click on that link so darn fast. 
You never stop learning or improving, after all. There's no shame in taking a few tips from those fashion bloggers and their mass-produced flatlays. Those tips will end up inspiring you and forcing you to see things differently before you press the shutter. 

And guess what? I'm totes going to share those very posts and videos with you! Huzzah! Horray! 
You're welcome.

A handy-dandy guide to Insta flatlays. 

First, it's always helpful to have a certain aesthetic in mind.

Like this. Having a base for your flatlay is extremely helpful for when it's time to fill it up with your items. Are you shooting on white, marble, wood, black or bold colours? Fashion, beauty or food? If you're a minimalist, it's down to figuring out how to make a simple image with just a few items stand out. For beauty bloggers, it's about how to style that product. 
Do you like to pack your photo in, with a bunch of items, or keep it simple with just one or two? All good things to consider.
Trying to be a little bit different helps too. Try to put your own spin on it, with a specific element you always include in your shots. A signature style, even.

Find something that screams YOU.

Are you a beauty lover who loves photographing new/fave products? Or a foodie who loves making yummy dishes? 
Or maybe you're an "earthy" person and like to portray that with plants and flowers. Maybe you're a lover of bold colours or pastel hues. Find something about your personality that sticks, and feed that into your flatlays.

Your new fave handy-dandy tips.

Some basic tips to get started. 

Easy as 1-5 steps. These tips are the handiest and the briefest so you can take what you will from it, and make it your own. Simple!

There's no such thing as a "perfect flatlay" but they can look FAB.

Whether you're all about that monochrome approach or vibrant colours, these tips can be applied to any aesthetic you have. This video definitely, gave me a few ideas and had me thinking, "OOOHHH." I mean, right? Right?

For the fashion-oriented. However, can be applied to anything. 

This video has many useful tips for the fashion blogger. But their points on flatlays are super handy. Not to mention a tip on how to get a specific background. 

Be inspired by others, but try to put your own spin on your images. These tips are so useful and even better with your own creative flair. They're great starting points for you to build on. 
I def, found them useful. 

You also don't need a DSLR or fancy lens to take your shots. You can easily just use your phone. 

Mantra: practice, continue to improve, and find your style. YAY! 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. these tips were super helpful! I'm currently dabbling with the whole flatlay thing myself haha (:

    Life in Pastel

    1. I'm so glad they were! These tips seriously helped my game haha. Flatlays are so fun and can be so creative, I love them so


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