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How to make your metallic mani last longer. Because you're worth it.

My love for metallic nails knows no bounds. As it's been said over and over. And over.
There's just something about a shiny metal nail finish that glistens and catches the light that makes any other polish look inferior. Your claws look more like pieces of metal sticking out of your fingers, and you feel like a mermaid.
Your manicure looks luxe, FAB and high end.

But you know what isn't fab? When your day-old fresh gold mani begins to chip away, leaving your nails to look cheap and ragged.
And who wants that? 
A girl wants her nails to look fabulous for as long as they possibly can. But no matter what your bottle promises, polish will only last for as long as you don't use your hands. Annoying. Unless, you try this technique.

Something I learned almost by accident. Although much to my disbelief, my colour was practically permanent. 

So, how DO you make your metallic mani last that long?

Far from a revolutionary idea (something I probably say far too often) but a technique old as time that works magnificent wonders. One, that's affordable and stretches the life of your polish.

First, you gotta fake it.

False nails are your new BFF. They can be cut, shaped and moulded. And they'll always make your nails look fab.  A clear set of 200 nails gives you endless sizes and multiple manicures from the one packet. So really, what more could you want? 
Just stick some false nails on and shape them to your liking, preparing them for the next (and final) step of your long lasting manicure. 

Metal-icize yourself.

Pick your metallic polish and begin to paint two coats on your false-claws. Bonus points if you're able to find a good metallic polish. I mean, right? Is it just Australia or is finding a metallic polish almost impossible? 

The logic?!?

Once your polish has completely dried, it is NEVER coming off those claws. The colour is pretty much permanent. No need to worry about it chipping because that won't happen. For as long as those false nails are glued on, your metallic mani will be on ~fLEeK~

And what more could a girl ask for? I mean, really?

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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