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Mermaids have Shellular phones, not iPhones.

Kindly, Sheree
iPhone? Pssh. More like shellphone. I doubt mermaids in the sea are sporting anything less than a jazzed-up sea shell they can use to "listen to the ocean." Or call their fathers with because he simply must know where you are and who you're with, young lady. 

Yes, as soon as I saw this pink variation of the classic Shell Phone I decided I MUST have it. There was no question. I had worked hard at a job that I didn't entirely enjoy that had given me anxiety-ridden dreams every night sparking sleep walking (yes, honestly.) And I hadn't really, spent any of that money on anything nice for myself. Oh boy, I was about to fix that. 

You see, the reason why this story is here is not to brag, haul or even review. (It's kind of a review.) It's here because I had tried to look for someone who was talking about these cases, to find out more about them. Before I bought one. Are they worth that insanely ridiculous price? Will it fit? Will it work? 
Not a single review or someone talking about their Valfre phone case. At least, not beyond, "I'm obsessed with this case, it's so cute!"  

So, called for or not. 

What's up with those Valfre iPhone cases? 

Kindly, ShereeKindly, Sheree

They're hella bulky. 

Although only experienced with the Shellular case, just looking at the others tells you they're pretty much all the same. 
They WILL turn your six into a 6plus and your 6plus into an "omg, how do you hold that thing?!?" That's because you're sporting super sturdy, very thick rubber. Not only to make the design the most 3D it can be. But also, to make sure that design stands the test of time. It also makes them really, well made. And heavy.
Not really, a problem at all when they're THIS CUTE.

I dare you to break your phone now. (No, please don't.) 

With all that heavy-duty rubber, the case itself doesn't bend too much. Which is great, because it'll keep your phone together. And because the rubber is so plentiful and sturdy, your phone is protected. Bring it on, elements. 
Your phone sits snug-as-a-bug inside and doesn't move. At all. Like, good luck getting it in and out of that case. You're going to need it. 
Will it fall out? Nah. If you drop it, it'll probably bounce. 
It's so protective and crazy cute at the same time. Who doesn't want that? 


One thing I was most concerned about was having access to the silent switch, buttons and charger. You see, they don't show much of that on their site and, as I said, no one talks about them much. 
Never fear! They got the cut out where a cut out should be, and places to push your buttons. 
It all works and it's fab. 
The sleep/wake button is a little hard to press given all that rubber, but not impossible.
Kindly, Sheree

Your camera is the most protected it has ever been.  

With all that rubber, your camera lens doesn't touch any other surface at all. Meaning it's protected against scratches. Bonus really. 

They're worth the price. 

Especially in Australia where you double the price + shipping, these cases are far from cheap. In fact, you can find $5 identical versions on Ebay that tempt you like no other. 
But firstly, that's counterfeit, illegal and unfair. And secondly, the quality you get is just as cheap. 

However pricey, they're worth it. The thick, sturdy rubber used makes them high-quality and unbreakable. Your phone doesn't slip around inside, just holding the phone feels secure. It's grip-able and just fab. I don't worry about a thing with it on and I feel like a mermaid. 

Dare I say, "I'm obsessed with this case. It's so cute!" 

Does this answer any curious queries one might have about the elusive Valfre phone cases? I sure hope so. 

Otherwise, this was a waste and just one giant brag. Ew. Who want's that?

Kindly, Sheree

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. Omgooosh, this whole shop! Why did I click that link, bye bye money xDD
    xo Kitten ♥ The Howling WolfHeart

    1. Hahah! Aww soz, but I KNOW RIGHT?!? I want many more but the phone case alone was a bit much. No regrets but also the dilemma!! Soz bank account.


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