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The easiest succulents to propagate & how to. Because reasons.

I couldn't tell you where my houseplant/succulent obsession came from. But all hope has been lost because I can't seem to shake it. Sorry, not sorry. Succulents are AWESOME
While buying new little planties is always exciting and the gardening sections always tempt me with new little buddies. Propagating and growing new plants from old ones is even more exciting.
It's like your succulent had a baby. 

It's also fab if you find a pretty succulent growing wild, and you want to take a piece home. You can grow it yourself!

Not only is propagating a cheaper (free) alternative to buying more. But a successful succulent gives you such a rush.

But wait, what are you on about with this, "propagating succulents?"

Propagating your little plant buddies is when you take an off-shoot from your plant and replant it into a new pot. Basically, just transferring a bit of your succulent somewhere else to grow an entirely new plant. What? That's crazy. It's MAGICAL!

It's also a bit of fun if you had an empty pot lying around. Or if you have a plant you love so much, you want more of it. It's also fun. You almost feel like A GOD when it grows like, "I did this! I planted you! I made you grow!" 
It's also fun.

The easiest planties to propagate.  

Not all succulents are easy to propagate. Says the girl who attempted to plant an Aloe and found out months later it was sitting in the dirt for no reason. Spoiler: it didn't work. 
However, there's always a particular type of succulent you just KNOW will propagate with success, and those are always the fun ones.
All you need is another pot and some fresh succulent soil to give your new plant the best start. 

Your basic succulent. 

The cuties with the booties. The ones with plump rubbery leaves we all immediately picture when we hear the word "succulent." Each tendril is full of water and veins. So you can grow an entirely new plant, from just one little "leaf." All you need to do is take an entire leaf from the base of the plant, ensuring not to break it in half, and plant it straight down into the fresh soil. After a while, it'll begin to grow roots and start a new plant. 
Basically, any succulent like this one will work. Including any of the Haworthia species.
How fun. 

Bamboo is a resilient propagator. 

Ever the strong, sturdy plant, Bamboo is as easy to grow as 1-2-3. Just like any succulent, re-planting just one little off-shoot can give you a whole new plant. You can even grow it in water. 
How fun.

Any succulent with a strong, sturdy stem.

Some succulents grow atop a long, thick stem instead of having thick leaves. Just like the spidery aeonium. Which is one succulent that is SUPER easy to propagate. 
All you need to do is cut a decent amount of stem with the succulent, allow the end to dry up, and plant it in the fresh soil as normal. Within a few days, the succulent will form roots and continue to grow. 
How fun.

Aloe's suck, though. 

Aloe vera plants can only grow from specific offshoots. Otherwise, they won't work. Complicated much. 
How not-so-fun.

If you can identify how it's growing, you'll know how to propagate it.

If it's growing from one long stem, re-plant it by the stem. If it has thick, rubbery tendrils that flower, that'll do the trick. Just place a clean/unbroken piece or stem in soil and voila! 
Cacti work the same way too. 

If a cactus has many offshoots, (like the prickly pear) you can simply take one of them, cleanly, and re-plant it. You can even cut off an arm and re-plant that. Just make sure to allow the end to dry with sunlight first. I don't know why, but it works. Trust. 
How fun!

And super easy. 
So now you know how to propagate one, all you need is the soil, pot and the plant. Experiment with wild plants you find or grow mini plants from your fave big one. 

Why not?

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. Thank you for these tips! Great post!

    Ella xx

    1. It was a bit of fun so I'm glad you think so, and if they helped any I'm super glad for that too! Yay!

  2. I tried it ones with two cut-offs that fell of my succulent plant. I completely forgot them on my windowsill and found them months later where they had grown roots into water. I replanted them and one of them is growing now beautifully! Loving it!!


    1. Omgosh, how awesome! That must have been such a rad feeling like "HEY there're ROOTS!" Succulents are awesome, doesn't it feel just great when they grow big and strong. Like a parent with their child hahah

  3. Wow this is so cool I'll defo have to try this with my cacti! I love these tips posts, esp the one about looking after flowers. Keep up the good work! xo Aya

    1. It's always fun to experiment this way, you never know if it'll work till you try it, it's so rewarding when it works! Awh thank you so much, you're too sweet! I love writing these kinds of posts too, they're so fun!!

  4. We are planning to do succulents as our wedding favours next year so this post is SO helpful! Thank you lovely!!!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. OH that sounds AMAZINGLY cute!! Oh I can def see how propagating them makes life easier, and some of them grow really quickly in succulent soil and their own pot! YAY!


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