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Using social media as a secondary blog?!?

Far from a revolutionary idea here folks, but possibly an intriguing one also. 
From the dawn of Twitter and Instagram, many a person has set out to make either their Twitter or Instagram their sole "blog." The only place they put up content. They do it, and they do it well. Probably because that's their only platform they really, focus on allowing it to be the best it can be. 

But, pfft, we're not here for that. We actually, have a blog with social media on-the-side. Some use it to announce their daily happenings. Some use it to promote their main blogs. But what about using it as a "second blog" so to speak

Okay, bare with me.

We've all played with the idea of starting an actual second blog at times, some even acting on it. But instead of going to that trouble, why not use our already existing channels as a second blog instead? Focusing on one or more accounts. Curating content that follows something specific and a certain idea. Just like the real blog. Only, social media. 
Ja feel? 

But. Why use social media as a second blog?

It could pick your social media game up.

We all fall into, "meh, who cares" when it comes to social media sometimes. Only to half-ass it for the sake of keeping it active. Or not really, caring too much because your blog is where it's at, anyway. 
But if you started to think of your accounts as a second blog, you'll be forced to focus more on the content you put up. How you word it, what you put there and how you go about it. After a while, you could find that your social media game get's stronger, making other people more interested in you and, naturally, your blog.  

Also, and this is probably the best reason, it takes a little less pressure off your blog content. Lazy girl hack?

How about a creativity boost? 

Creating blog content is a super creative feat. But what happens when your creativity wanes? Because honey, if it hasn't already, it will. And it'll happen multiple times. So what does a girl gotta do to get her creativity back, damn it? 
Just the act of pulling together a simple creative photo can do wonders. Spending a little extra time to create something fun for Snapchat or putting together a little video for Twitter.

Once you refocus your social media, you're automatically thinking about the content you're putting out. Forcing creativity out. Which can also help your blog too.

The freedom to post things that might not work with your blog.

Social media can be a great outlet to create the things you might not be able to post on your actual blog. Maybe it doesn't fit with how you run your blog, or maybe it's just not worth a blog post. Maybe you just can't blog it. Ugh, blogger problems.

Using your social channels as a secondary blog gives you that freedom. From mini movie reviews on Twitter, to arty flatlays on Insta.

Not to mention the unique content for viewers/readers. 

Enough said. These days, not very many people like to read blogs. Not enough time in the day, can't be bothered, meh. 
However, social media can act as a mini-blog. Producing little bites of content that a reader doesn't have to spend too much time on. 
And if they DO read your blog, they're not getting the same content on here, then on Twitter, then on Instagram. It's all varied.
Who knows? Maybe if they dig what you're doing on Twitter, they might check your space out too. 

But, which channel to use? I've got them ALL!

Technically, each of your accounts could be their own mini-blog. However, it's super fun to pick one you like the most, and focus on creating fab content for it. 
The only way to do that is to pick your fave social account. Are you a Facebooker? A Twit (so sorry)? A 'Grammer? 

Instagram would be my second blog. It's my favourite channel aside from Twitter, and it's the perfect space for me to practice photography and creativity. It's also the one I spend the most time on when curating a daily snap. I really, do think of it as a second blog. 

If you're an ace at posting engaging FB statuses, use that. If fun videos and candid snaps are your pride and joy, you know what's up. Twitter is great for the witty writer. And we know how Instagram can be used creatively. 

Beauty bloggers could use Twitter to post beauty hacks they've discovered or mini product reviews. Instagram for fun flatlays and cafe-shots. Facebook for more detailed information along with multiple images or video. Almost like creating specific info in tiny little bites. 

Above all, it can be fun!

And girl, who doesn't like fun? I mean, right? 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. That's a great idea! Most of us think of our social media accounts secondary only to the blog - but come to think of it, what you put in your social media is an extension of who you are. If you care about branding, then you should strive for consistency. Love the insightful inputs! I never thought of social media through that perspective!

    Abby of My Hair Care

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself! Yes! Refocusing how you approach social media can be so useful for the blog and can be a useful channel aside from just basic use. Plus, if you don't have ideas for a blog post you can just pass it onto Insta and be done haha!


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