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How to get better at doing things that scare you

I'm sure most of us are like this, right? When a situation or task makes us feel so anxious, nervous or just too darn scared, we don't want to even think about it. The idea of doing that simple, mundane task, scares you so much, you'd rather just not. Given the opportunity, you'll talk yourself out of it or give yourself pathetic excuses as to why you "can't" even if you really can.
(Guilty! Oh man, so guilty.)
I'm talking about socialising with new people, talking on the phone to strangers, starting a new job, going places and doing things alone

There's probably, more but I know I, for one, am more than familiar with the above. Those are my ultimate scary. 

The downside to letting yourself fear or grow anxious about a small, insignificant thing, is that it can hinder your adulting. (Lol, adulting. What's adulting? How to adult?) 

Crazy enough, however, is that there are ways to get better at doing those things that scare you, maybe even learn to be a little less scared. Because, you know, some things are important in life which, kind of sucks. If only we could all curl up and never talk on the phone or never have to do things on your own. 
If only. 

How to not be so scared of the things that scare you.

Just do it?

Let's get right down to it, shall we? Zoella once said, "Just say yes." Not too sure about that phrase, but saying yes and just doing the things that scare you works wonders. Whatever that thing is that makes you feel like you want to crawl back in your bed and never leave, do it.
Practice makes perfect, after all, and you can't very well get better at the thing if you don't actively do it. Right? 

Spontaneous like a Capricorn. 

Spontaneity is key. Don't think about it too much or for too long. If an opportunity presents itself, cease it and don't think twice.
If you don't allow yourself to think too much about it, then you don't have time to talk yourself out of it or find reasons not to do it. And if you end up feeling happy that you did it, you'll be more inclined to do that again next time. And the next time. And the next.
Soon, it'll be second nature.

But try not to put so much pressure on the thing. 

I love to freak myself out. "That thing is such a big deal! Everyone is judging you!"
Whatever it is, it's something you can learn and you'll only learn if you just dive right in. The thing you're scared of most likely isn't all that scary. Telling yourself that will make it much easier to do. It's no big deal.
And if you're thinking that others are judging you, it's highly likely they don't give a damn. So why should you? 
Life motto alert.

However, don't force yourself before you feel somewhat ready.

Naturally, we don't want to force ourselves into it before we feel okay about it. Sometimes this can result in a little panic, maybe a mess-up and then it'll ruin your perception of it for good. Give yourself a short while, not too long, to get familiar with the situation first. So that way you'll be able to just dive right in and not feel so panicked about it. 
Watch others do it first, have someone you know to go with you, or have a specific plan with specific steps to take. Whatever suits the thing you're most scared of.

Just remember, everything is a learning curve. 

We all started from scratch at some point, and everyone knows it. But we can't very well learn how to get better at the scary thing if we don't keep trying and doing it.
Confidence is learned and built up overtime. After enough time the thing will be second nature to you. As long as you keep that in mind, you'll be able to relax a little more and find your way. 

It also helps to be surrounded by people who are patient, understanding, and kind enough to help you feel better about it. 

But if you don't have that, you must be that person for yourself.
Trust me, oh boy, don't I understand that. 

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- Sheree


  1. This was brilliant and definitely something I in particular (a control freak) needed to read. I've actually made a little pact with myself to start being more spontaneous and to not think about everything so much, or rather not overthink everything.

    1. So glad you thought so! I'm the same, I've always been quite spontaneous but this year I made a goal to do things alone and things that scare me. I'm determined! Haha spontaneity is so great though, I honestly think it helps so much! X


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