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How to have a Hot Chocolate Chia Pudding for dessert.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?" Yes, she did. But I'm a rebel without a cause, a rule breaker, a...blogger. 
So I ignored that and broke the other rule too, "don't waste your food." I totally did that. 

Did you know that chia pudding isn't always yum? Shocker. Honestly, they can be so boring. The only flavour you get is from any other ingredient you mix with the chia seeds. And if you mix too many seeds, it ends up being too clumpy. All stuck together not going anywhere. Blegh.
Don't pretend that hasn't happened to you. 

But here's the thing, it's super healthy and crazy quick to make, making it the perfect little dessert (or breakfast) to have. So what do?
You do the only thing you know how to, you throw some chocolate on that and call it a day. Chocolate solves everything. Chocolate is great. 

Let's have a Hot Chocolate Chia Pudding. That's warm. 

What you may want to include:

Chia Seeds. 
Vanilla flavoured almond milk (because the vanilla makes it extra delicious.)
A banana. For sweetness. Or any fruit. For sweetness.
Hot chocolate cocoa. 
A microwave.

There aren't any measurements here. Because honestly, that doesn't mean very much. You might not like it the way I do. And so, I always eyeball it.
However, eyeballing this is the easiest thing to do, and it ensures you'll end up with the perfect mixture to suit you. 

A microwave safe bowl/cup is probably a good idea too.

A warm chia pudding is probably the best idea I've had in a while. It makes the pudding so much better. "OH, I wonder if I could microwave this?" said past-me. Yes, yes I can. 
It softens it all up, helps to spread the chocolate/banana flavour throughout the entire dish, and makes you feel all toasty inside. Mmmm, who doesn't want that?!? 

Too easy. 

1. Chia seeds can be so darn fickle. They're great at expanding so you may think you don't have enough, but once the milk goes in, all of a sudden you have too much.
Give yourself a little bit less than you'd like, and start with that in your bowl.

You probably know the drill.

2. Cut up your banana, or anything else you want, and throw that in for some sweetness. Any fruit you use will practically cook inside your pudding, making it soft and melting the flavour into the pudding. YUM.
3. In goes the hot chocolate cocoa powder. 
4. Finally, pour in your milk until it flows over the line of where your mixture sits so that it won't be too gloopy.
Stir it up and mix it well.

5. And microwave! Start with one minute, and only put it in for longer in small intervals. Trust me. Let's just play it safe. 

AND THEN...You'll probably need to eyeball some more.

If you're anything like me, when it comes out it might not be at the consistency you want. Let's not pretend it's coming out of that microwave perfect, okay? It's not. Not even close.
Add more milk if that's what you require. Add more chia seeds. Stir it all up and continue until it's perfect. 

The seeds will continue to soak up the chocolatey goodness as you eat it, so having more milk than seeds is probably your safest bet. If you don't want a thick, goopy mixture, that is. 

Okay, it's perfect now.

FAB! Does it taste SUPER?!? Is it still warm? Does it taste like a hot chocolate?
OMG marshmallows would make this even sweeter.

Way to make something healthy into something not quite as healthy, girl. Only you could do that. Let's be real. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. Oh my god girl this sounds amazing!!! I cannot wait to try :D

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. It was surprisingly delicious! I didn't think it would work but also, of course it would... haha


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