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What is and how to write "lifestyle"

Niche down, they all said. It'll be fun, they said. From bloggers around the web to Journalism teachers, defining your niche is a must-do, so they say. 
Which is annoyingly contradictory when successful girl boss bloggers decide to feed us with the exact words we really, want to hear: "You don't need a niche, it's okay."

Well, DAMN Jackie. There really, isn't a method to this madness is there? Niching might not matter so much for bloggers. But if you're choosing a specific journalistic writing path, a niche is quite important. 

Here's a fun little word: Lifestyle. Oh yes, lifestyle. It's a word many bloggers use in an attempt to remain niche-less. But fun fact! Lifestyle is actually, a niche. Who knew? I know right? I mean, of course, it is? It can be as confusing as it can be obvious but boy is it fun. 

But first, what IS lifestyle writing/blogging?

Technically, you can do what you want. There aren't any rules. I'm not a pro.
However, specifically speaking...

In the blogging world, "lifestyle" has casually become a category for bloggers who wish to talk about their own life and daily adventures. Perhaps, a better term for that would be "personal" blogging (that's what it is, really.) 

Because lifestyle as a niche, although similar, refers to the specific aspects of a lifestyle as a whole. Not just what you do/did. Ja feel? 

Lifestyle, by definition, is the way someone lives. How one lives their life and the specific things they do to live it. Minimalist lifestyle, luxury lifestyle, vegan lifestyle, average women's lifestyle. You get it. 
Lifestyle as a niche talks about the little aspects of everyday life living. It can be as literal or as fun as you'd like. 
It's a little more objective, rather than the subjectivity of personal blogging/writing.
Pretty broad, but that's what's so interesting. 



The best example is the best examples. Seeing other blogs putting it to action helps to figure out this crazy niche.
Also, I just had to. HAD TO.

Sub-niches that fit into "lifestyle."

The fun thing about such a broad niche is that it comes with many sub-niches. Health, food, fitness, decor and even a little bit of tech (inc. social media.) You can talk about houseplants and candles, home decor, healthy recipes
Have fun with it. If it's part of the way someone lives their daily life, it counts.   

You could write about one specific lifestyle or many of them.

One way to write lifestyle would be to talk about things that relate to your lifestyle and things you do.
For example, Victoria from In The Frow is now a luxury blogger who lives a high-end luxury lifestyle. Designer everything, exotic trips, you name it. Therefore, she can target her content towards those with a lifestyle similar to hers. Simply by talking about luxury-lifestyle related life things. 

Or you could talk about things relating to various kinds of lifestyles. Even if it's not strictly yours. 

It's fun, and you can make it super FUN!

There's nothing serious or specific about writing lifestyle so why make it so? Keep it light and fun! HOW FUN!

Eg. Houseplants are a big part of a typical bloggers' lifestyle. Guilty! So writing a post about plants is a great way to keep things fun, while relating to that audience. 
Especially, if you are a plant-loving blogger yourself. 

Why not try to find a specific way to write lifestyle?

As with any niche, finding a specific way to talk about it will seriously help. 
For example, this column is a How-To (you may have noticed.) Similar to Andie Anderson in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, this column focuses on giving fun little tips for the average young woman's lifestyle. FUN, no?!?

You could discuss aspects of general life living, ask questions and explore them. Talk about the aspects of a specific lifestyle, vegan, minimal, fitness-oriented, etc. You could give helpful information, relevant and useful reviews or inspiration. The possibilities are endless!

Always emphasise when things are supposed to be fun.

Not really, but it helps me.

However, despite this story pretending to be a "how to," it doesn't work that way when writing lifestyle.

Honestly, the only thing it comes down to is the definition of "lifestyle" and keeping that in mind as you venture forth into your niche-less niche of lifestyle writing. 
What does it mean to you, and all that.

You could focus on a certain lifestyle to write for. Or, you could, IDK, NOT. Whatever floats your niche. 

Who am I to tell you what to do? Really? 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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