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How to get fortnightly flowers without spending too much cash-money

Buying fresh-ish blooms brings you so many happy feels. And by fresh-ish, I mean as fresh as they can be at the end of the day. Which is the only time of the day one should buy flowers if they wish to save some cash-money. 
Bringing home a bouquet of beautiful blooms and giving them a place in a vase brings you so much joy. They brighten up any room and their light floral fragrance wafts subtly in the air. 
Plus, they're mega-pretty. Who doesn't want mega-pretty blooms in their place? 

The only issue that comes with fresh-ish blooms is the price tag. And I've heard many-a-person state that flowers can be an expensive habit. Which begs the question - why the heck?
Sure, it's expensive if you're buying $30 half-dead roses every week (true story, I've seen pathetic-looking flowers for sale with a $30+ price tag. Like, come on. Really?) 

But buying a lovely bunch of flowers doesn't have to be an overly-expensive treat. Especially if you can stretch their lifespan out and keep your blooms in their vase for two long weeks.
Tip: they're even still quite decent once they begin to wilt and wither, so don't rush to throw them away too soon. 

How to buy flowers with the left-over change in the bottom of your purse.  

And make sure you're not purchasing them weekly.

Wait it out. 

As tempting as it is to grab those freshly pruned blooms displayed outside that boutique florist first thing in the morning, wait until the end of the day before buying a bunch. 
Flowers will always be more expensive when they're fresh. Because sellers can get away with it when flowers are fresh. But once the day ends, flowers aren't as fresh anymore. No one wants to buy not-so-fresh flowers at top dollar. 

The good sellers will then drop the price tag. That's the best time to swoop in, and get a bargain deal. They'll still look beautiful, and you get to save your pennies. 

Trade secret ;) 

Market-type florists and fresh-fruit market vendors are your BFF's. 

The more boutique a florist is, the more expensive the flowers will be. A boutique florist will have artisan displays and packaging, as well as ridiculous price tags. 
Little flower shops of the sole-owner variety, is the perfect option when purchasing from a florist. These little guys won't go crazy with their decor or prices, and you'll often find their blooms wrapped in basic clear plastic, crowded in buckets, all sat together. 
This means you'll only be paying for the flowers. Not the packaging. 

The same goes for little fresh-fruit markets. These places are typically, more affordable for their produce and their flowers aren't any different. 

At these fresh-fruit markets, you can get a beautiful bouquet for just $5.
Seriously, that's literally, a fist-full of change.
How great?!?
This is my favourite way to buy quality flowers at an affordable price. I only ever buy flowers from little places like this now. 

Convenient supermarket flowers.

While the flowers you'll find in your local supermarket aren't quite as affordable, you can still find some great blooms around the $10-$15 price-mark. The pro's, aside from convenience as you do your weekly stock-up, is that most of the time these bouquets will be filled to the brim. Like, so many flowers in your bunch you'll struggle to fit them all into your vase. True story. 
They'll also often come with a little sachet of flower food that you put into the water that stretches the life of your flowers a whole extra week. 

So, really, supermarket flowers are likely to be worth their slightly higher price tag.
The only con is the $10+ price tag. Compared to a mere $4-$5.

Make 'em go the distance.

A sure-fire method to get away with regular flower purchases is to stretch the life of them out so you don't need to buy more too quickly.
This is crazy simple to do. Especially, if the flower is long lasting. 


If you can make your flowers stick around for two weeks, and you're only spending as little as $5 on them, you'll only be spending as much as $10 a month, for multiple lovely bouquets. 
Girl, that's less than you probably spend on beauty products every week. 

I love buying mixed bouquets any chance I get, as it makes me feel like I'm getting more for my money. Some flowers in those bouquets will last longer than others, but it means you won't get bored of your blooms. Two weeks can be a long time to stare at the one kind. 

This, I've learned so many times and have yet to learn for good. 

I last longer!

  • Lilies - they slowly open up over time, and each one that opens is a fresh new flower.
  • Chrysanthemums - the fluffy kind is practically immortal. The stems will wilt long before the actual flower will.
  • Large Carnations - but only if you take care of them daily. Spray/small carnations don't do very well.
  • Gerberas - if in fab condition, they'll look lovely even after they begin to flop.

This is how I purchase my blooms every fortnight. I only spend about $5 on a fabulous bunch every two weeks or so and try to make them last as long as possible. I'm often paying for them with a fist-full of change and nothing more. 

It's a habit I just can't break at the moment.

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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