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How to keep up your blog/brand when there's just no time

A tale as old as time. A song as old as rhyme.
We create these side-projects out of passion, business or hobby and then our schedules suddenly get a little bit too busy. Next thing we know, there's just no time to really, focus on that project anymore. 
Case study: you just got a brand new 9-5 that takes up five days out of the week. You don't get home until about seven when the only things on your to-do list are to eat, shower and go to sleep. 
You're still exhausted going into the weekend and suddenly, your precious blog, business, project or hobby sounds more like a chore than a fun activity. 

Sound familiar? The story of every average, middle-class, young person's life. I'm sorry, but we only have so much motivation and energy to go around. Weekends binging on Netflix, at-home manicures and magazines sounds so much more relaxing than coming up with, and then executing your next story.

On the other hand, you've worked so hard on your little venture/brand, that you don't want to just ignore it until you're feeling it again.

So what do?

Not enough hours or energy in the day, tho. 

She's anti-social. 

The fabulous thing about social media is how quick and instant it is, needing only a short amount of time and the limits of your creativity to make it work. While writing an entire post or story takes massive amounts of planning, time, motivation and thought, Twitter or Instagram requires only about half of that. 
Pick a social platform that best works with your personal brand, and focus on creating the best content you can for it. Just because you've built a blog doesn't mean that's your limit. Expand your brand to the pages of your social channel and be as active on there as possible. 
Aim to post daily so you're not disappearing into thin air. If your blog is suffering, why should your social channels do too? 


When you start thinking five days ahead.

If your platform of choice is Instagram and you're aiming to start creating curated content to keep up your online brand, you may need to plan ahead. Especially, if you're coming home when it's dark outside and your specific content requires natural lighting. 
First, find yourself a theme or style, and begin to create content. After that, it's time to stock take. Photos, that is.
Use your weekends to stock-pile content to post during the week by taking a bunch of photos over the two days. 

Think about your next five working days and what you'd like to post, when and why. Think about it as if you were going to take the photos naturally as each day arrived. The only difference is that you're taking that photo in advance and posting it while you're out.   
Is your content more artistic, beauty-oriented, or just about the aesthetic? Don't take a random shot and post it for the sake of daily content, try to have a point or a reason for each photo. 

Loving a new beauty item and you were planning to Instagram it? Take the photo while you have the time, and then post it on a day when you don't.



Twitter is a bloggers best friend, so don't ignore it. That's no way to treat a BFF, now is it? Twitter is one of the most instant and non-commital social platforms out there that isn't boring like Facebook. 
Ohhh, the FB hate. 
You don't need to plan ahead, and you don't even really need much of a "theme." However, it never hurts to try and have a little bit of fun with it. 

If your blog posts are getting less frequent, use Twitter as a mini-blog. 

Come across a fab makeup hack? Tweet it like it's a breaking news update.
Watched a movie you loved? Tweet out a little review. 
Maybe you adore a new product you started using. Write a mini-review on Twitter that's punchy and fun. 

If it's a little more third-person in nature, readers are more likely to relate to it, have a little giggle, maybe even like or respond to it. It will at least keep you constantly active online. Even if your blog stories fall short, people will still hear and see things from you. 

Plus, promoting your previous blog stories on Twitter is a fab way to pretend you actually, have the time to blog and write.  


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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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