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How to find that fool-proof party dress when you don't know what the heck to wear

Do you ever just - ugh, WHERE was this post a few weeks ago when I needed it? Or at the very least, where was my personal stylist when there was a party where I needed a party dress? Well, first of all, if I have a personal stylist nobody told me. How rude

Party dresses are so important if you're a girl. Which, I must not be. Because when it came down to it, I settled for a dress I already owned that was cute, but I could have picked something a little different. What can I say? I'm lazy. 
Invite a girl to a party, and all you'll be hearing for weeks is "What are you wearing?" "I don't know what to wear!" "Are you wearing a dress?" "I don't know if I want to wear a long or short one." "WHAT ABOUT SHOES?!?"

Honestly, it's as if the world will come to a complete stop if she hasn't settled on the perfect outfit at least two weeks prior. It's stressful stuff.
Hey, we're ladies. We like to look cute. And I think we should be celebrated for trying. Putting in an effort is hard. No one likes that. Just putting on a damn bra is enough to warrant a nap. 

So, obviously, picking a fool-proof party dress with little effort, is the dream. 

How to choose your next party outfit. 

Go for a Maxi. Everytime. 

Cute mini dresses are fun for a party. True. But you can't go wrong with a maxi. Maxi's will always look elegant, classic and dressy, even if it isn't. And you don't need to worry about your legs or having to wear stockings. Because we all know you haven't shaved in three months. 
Me too, girl. Me too.
No matter the occasion or place, a maxi will work with it every time. 
A flowy maxi will make you feel like a princess and tight-fitting dresses feel sexy. Take your pick. 

Again, my personal stylist should have really, shown herself in my time of need. I could have used a maxi. *regret ensues* 

Shop around, but don't actually, shop around. Ja feel?

Nothing will give you a headache more than shopping around for one damned dress you probably won't wear twice. You can visit every online shop there is or run like a headless chicken around the shopping centre. But you'll just be left with too many open tabs and nothing suitable. 
Collective shopping sites are something I've raved about before, and I'm here to do it again. Take advantage of sites that gather quality items from trusted sites, and compiles them all together for your convenience.  

A Kindly tip: Lyst is perfect when searching for a party dress. It's a collective hub that gathering labels from high end to high street. Want something that's on sale for 70% off? Sure. Or just an afforable label. Want to invest in your first Stella but want to find a more affordable retailer? OKAY!
Looking for that cute maxi party dress? You got it, girl!The selections you see are curated and specifically selected. So it's not like you're searching Google. You're bound to find what you want here, and it won't even take you all year.
You'll always be directed back to the retailer to make your purchase, but you'll have the entire web at your disposal in just one page. 

"Dress" (lol) it up with accessories.

When it comes to a maxi dress, any kind will look fancy if you can accessorise. You can go for something plain, basic or cotton and it will still look dressy if you pair it with something fabulous. A pair of sexy strappy heels will instantly boost your confidence, while a gorgeous chain-strap clutch will carry your dress into the evening. 

You'd be lying if you said a bulky, gold watch wouldn't look timeless. Gentle pieces like a delicate necklace or bracelet will strengthen your outfit. Even giving people the illusion that you actually, tried. Without, you know, trying. 

Anything shorter will benefit from a little less everywhere else, but you can't go wrong with a structured crossbody or clutch. 

It may even help to plan your dress around your accessories.  

To be completely honest, my tips began and ended with "GO FOR A MAXI!" It won't matter where or why the party, a maxi will work regardless. Midi dresses work just as well if they're tight-fitting with a pair of classic ankle booties. 

My tips also began and ended with, "I had to pick a party outfit three weeks ago, gave up and chose a dress I already owned and sloppily paired it with things I shouldn't have. And I really, wish I just wore a damn maxi!" 

Learn from my mistake. 
Vote for a maxi.
A vote for maxi is a vote for lookin' cuuute. 

Post in collaboration with Lyst. However all words and unclever puns are my own. Unfortunately.
Images from Vogue Australia Spet 2016 & Sourced from labelled sites.
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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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