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How to wear concealer and foundation as a ghostly pale girl. (This is a serious topic)

If you hear a glow-in-the-dark pale girl claim she's found her holy grail concealer and foundation, ten different times now, that's just proof of the struggle that is finding a god damned product that's pale enough. It's never ending.
Sure, she once said Maybelline was the best ever. And a certain foundation was "everything." But in the light of day, she has to come to terms with oxidisation. And the fact that she now has an orange tint to her face that is quite obvious. Whoops. That just goes to show now, doesn't it?

And so continues the hunt for a bloody concealer and foundation. More to the point, an affordable and accessible one. Like, why? Can't we just go bare-faced, blemishes bared and all? I'm sure it doesn't look that bad, right? 
I swear, makeup just wasn't meant for the sunless vampires of the world. Don't have perfect olive skin? GTFO.

This time, though, I swear I've found it. The perfect combination for porcelain skin. She says. For now.

To keep it simple, straight-forward and to the point - NYX concealer jar in 'fair' and stay matte but not flat powder foundation in 01 Ivory, is your new BFF winning combo. Even better if you're yellow-based. IT MATCHES YOUR SKIN, HORRAY!

How to wear a makeup base for your deathly white (and probably cold ;)) skin.  

It's all about the brand. Unfortunately. 

One cannot simply purchase the lightest shade from any old brand. It's never light enough. Their one-size-fits-all formula doesn't fit all, and your only hope is to go for a brand that offers a heap of variations. 
Options for different undertones and shades of pale are what you'd be looking at. 
You're more likely to find one that suits your fickle face this way. 
Annoying, isn't it? 

Or find a brand that carries something resembling white.
Why us? Why so difficult?
Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? 

You gotta (somehow) find out what your skin's undertone is. 

Ever heard someone say, "I have warm undertones in my skin." And you're just like, "excuse me?
Pink undertones, yellow, warm, cold. I've even heard the word "ruddy" describe someone with naturally red skin. That's so horrible!? 
It took me a little while to realise my shade of pale comes with yellow undertones, so a pink-toned concealer and foundation help's tone it all down and even up the skin. 

Basically, anything that is described as "for light skin with yellow undertones" is like hitting the jackpot and I'm (almost) guaranteed that it'll look pale enough. 

While this might not matter so much to the genetically blessed, this is everything to a pale girl. It's what makes all the difference in how pale the product looks on the skin. 

Got pink undertones? You need some yellow-based products in your life, girl. And vice versa. 
I'd suggest NYX because their products will tell you who each one is suited too. 
Not #spon but girl, I WISH. 

Riddle yourself this; are you a little yellow in certain areas? Pink-based products for you. Or are you naturally a little flushed all the time?  Yellow-based for you. Use the opposite to counteract your tones. 

Powder foundation is probably your easiest, and best, bet. Sorry?

Powder foundation is the only thing I ever wear so I'm down. 
The powdery stuff is most likely going to be what keeps your face matchy-matchy to your neck. (That damned neck.) Why? The answer is obvious. Liquid foundations will oxidise once settled on your skin, especially if it's a cheap formula. So it will darken up. 
Powders don't do that. Duh? If you're looking to stay the same shade as you were when you left the house, you might want to think about a powder option. 

Or spend a little extra for that Nars Sheer Glow and may you always look FAB. 

Cream concealers might also be your safest bet. 

Same rules apply. Creams are less likely to oxidise and turn orange, thus keeping you looking fresh and ghostly all day long. 

And always remember: take advantage of testers to make sure it's pale enough, and if you can't find a tester don't do it. It probably won't match. Also, don't buy it online. It probably won't match.

Lifehack. Lesson learnt the hard way. Testers are life. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. I haven't had any sun recently and I have limited time for fake tan so I can really related to this! HAha fab post x


    1. Hahahaha that's golden! Still an annoying problem tho, thanks, girl! X


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