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How to stop giving a fck about every little thing you do

The art of not giving a f*ck is just that, an art. Some of us just aren't made that way. We care way too much and worry about everything. What this person must think of me, I made a mistake now EVERYONE IS JUDGING ME. WHAT DO?!? 
Talking too much, you're annoying. Not talking enough, you're a snob. And then worrying yourself to death about each of those, stressing that you should have done x, y, z different. Caring way too much about what others are thinking and being hard on yourself for it. 

Trying to be perfect all the time, and freaking out when you're not perfect at all. Basically being a doormat and giving yourself a hard time. All the damn time.

Sound familiar? I know it's not just me.

How to not do that exact thing I just described by remembering these things.

Nobody's perfect *breaks out into Hannah Montana*

So, here's the thing we sometimes forget. We're only human. We were not made to be perfect, and we aren't. We make mistakes. We do and say silly things often without realising what we've done/said. And we all do it. 
Whoops, oh well. 

If anyone expects you to be 100% perfect all the time, well, they're insane. And you should avoid them. 

Worrying and caring all the time is decreasing your happiness.

That's just a fact. How happy are you when you're watching your every move, every word that comes from your mouth? Or worrying about what someone else might be thinking of you? I'm going to take a wild guess and say not very happy at all. 
Is it worth it?
Absolutely, not.
Let it go and see how much more relaxed you are. 
Who cares what they think? NOT YOU ANYMORE, GIRL!

You go, you!

Girl, even the people you think have it all together, probably don't. 
I mean, so often I've seen people say or do embarrassing things in public, without a care of what anyone else thinks. And it's great! Those are some happy people.

The mum quote: "no one is thinking about you quite as much as you're thinking about yourself."

You're the only one who's analysing your actions. Other people forget about "that thing you did and said" almost as quickly as it happened. Plus, only you think it was so horrible. Because why should they care? It's a waste of their time to focus on you. They have their own actions to analyse.

And if not, then they're insane. And you should avoid them. 

Give yourself a break.

You're doing the best you can so don't be so hard on yourself, girl! Life is messy and being a human is hard.
So hard! Super hard. Not fun.

No one wants to spend their life constantly fretting about each word they're about to say. Or each move they're about to make. What kind of life is that? Just do you.

So many people go about life in such a careless way. So many people will shrug, "I don't give a damn." And they don't.
Make that your mantra and soon, it'll stick.

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. I loved how this post was written and the humour in it, especially that Nobody's Perfect Hannah Montana reference because when I was younger I used to love that song, haha

    I definitely agree that the more I worry the less happy I am, and I know that I'm usually spending way too much time worrying about myself to even think about other people!

    1. I couldn't help myself, Hannah Montana references for days haha. Exactly! It took me a while to realise that I don't worry about others so they're most likely not worrying about me. Life is too short to give a damn haha


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