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How to: easy at-home manicures, for the girl who hates acrylic & press-ons

We all love a little nail care that is often in the form of manicures and pretty-looking-polishes. GIRLS, AMIRIGHT?  
The simple act of painting one's nails can be quite therapeutic, and pretty-coloured paws make us feel so glam. It's my number one thing to do as a pick-me-up. What's not to love about a little manicure?
It can make us feel more human, sassy, well groomed and presented. It's amazing how much of a difference nice nails can make. 

I never thought I'd be the kind of girl to do more than just sloppily slather black polish on my jagged, short, easily breakable nails. Acrylics? Bah, too much hassle. Glue on nails? They're a bit too long, aren't they? HOW DO YOU DO THINGS?!?
But one day, I decided I wanted to have nice nails. And so began my addiction to at-home manicures. I love having longer (not too long, though) nails that don't break off like my natural nails do. Sharpening them into pointed claws, and my nail polish not chipping off. 
It's the little pleasures in life. 

Glue-on nails can pop off easily, and can get caught on things from the cuticles. Plus, they don't always look natural. 
At-home acrylic kits smell horrible, require more skill than most of us have, and not everyone's nails like it. 
So what other option is there?

At-home manicure's made easy. 

Are you GEL-ly? 

Gel nails. OF COURSE! Why didn't I think of this before? Gel nail kits are the amateur manicurist's best friend. They're super easy to use and control. Doesn't smell and even the non-skilled can do a good job. 
There are kits that need a LED light to set. And kits that require no LED at all. (My fave.) 
The gel doesn't set until you're ready so you have more time to make sure it's smooth.

Two-part gel manicures that don't-need-no LED.

For the girl who doesn't want to invest in a LED manicure light for a billion dollars (everyone), two-part manicure kits are like heaven. Technology, amiright? 
These will come with the brush-on gel and an activator to set it all. It's quick, easy, and only needs the skill of applying nail polish to make it look good. Umm, what more could a girl want?

It's mega easy to do, too. 

I'm guessing that if you're doing at-home manicures, you're after some longer claws that you can't get naturally. Because your nails snap off at the first sign of growth. (Amen
Easy as 1-2-3. Like everything I do, because lazy. 

Stick nail tips to the ends of your nails, and shape to how you like 'em.
Then, simply brush on the first part of the Gel, being careful to remain inside the lines. And set it with the activator.
Repeat for strength and hey presto. CLAWS!

They can last for quite a while with care, and look much more natural than sticking plastic to your fingers. 

The one I use is just a calcium gel kit by Nailene. Because it was the only one I saw in my local supermarket and said "sure, I'll give it a go."

There is quite a bit of product in these kits too. Many manicures can be had. All you'd need is extra tips so you can have flawless claws every time. 

Paint them with a lovely metallic/chrome polish, and have yourself some mermaid nails. What else is life for really? 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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