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How to: Self-care when you're not okay

 Because it's so important. 

"Self-care" is such a millennial word these days, don't you think? Probably because we're one of the few generations to actually, pay attention to our emotional and mental states. And care. But it's the kind of term that strikes as strange to our parents and grandparents if you say it in front of them. 
"Self-what? Why are you doing that for, why do you need to do that, what the heck do you mean?"
Get over it. 

Millenial or not, practising self-care is so important and will make all the difference when you have days where you're not entirely okay. Which happens to the best of us. Often.
Hey, what can I say? We're millennials. Aren't we the confused, depressed and anxious generation? Sad sacks, the lot of us. 
Well, true or not, the best way to feel better is by regularly checking in with ourselves. Who else is going to do it?  

How often do you show yourself love and compassion? How often do you tell yourself that you're doing just fine? That you're strong enough, you can do it? Probably not enough. And this, my friends, is where part of the problem lies.

How to self-care. 

Take some time.

Time heals all wounds, so they say. Step away from social media for a day, from your blogs, from life. Take a day off from whatever it is you're doing and just mellow out. Even if you spend all day in bed, binging on Netflix and totally zoning out, it's going to help. 
It can help put things back into perspective and give you a mental refresh. Don't feel like you have to carry on when you feel like you can't. 
You don't need too. If you're not feeling okay, let yourself breathe and just stop. Let yourself not be okay, even for a moment, so you can recover. 

And if anyone has anything to say about it, they can shove it.

Shower yourself with the things you need. 

And by need, I mean the things that will make you feel happy, balanced and refreshed. 
Sleep. All day. 
Take a long hot shower, wash, rinse and actually, repeat. I don't know about you, but I never "repeat" when washing my hair. But trust me, repeating will make you feel FAB. 
Treat yourself to all the lovely things that make you feel happy
A fresh bouquet of your favourite flowers, a sugary treat, your favourite hot beverage. 
Stay in bed, in your PJs, all day. 
Pet a cat.
Don't feel bad about doing any of the above. Because you needed it. Don't ever feel bad for doing what needs to be done, to feel better. 

And if anyone else has something to say about it, tell them to shove it. 

It's going to be OK.

This is your mantra; you will be okay and you can do this. 
I know, it's easy to tell yourself that you're not strong enough. But you're stronger than you think, and it only takes a day, to shift your perspective.  
Or, at least help to make things feel a little more OK. 
Ease yourself back into life, or throw yourself back in - whatever works for you - and see how things have become a little easier. 

Only you know how to care for you. 

Sure, you might have a partner who "knows you better than the back of their hand" and can probably take care of you. (Girl, you can do a better job yourself, I promise you.) Maybe you have friends who can show you the kindness you need. 
But no one knows you, and your mental health, better than you.
Only you know what's going to make you feel better, and how to give yourself those things. 
So, give yourself the things. All the things. Many a thing. 


Taking a day, a weekend, a week, to take care of yourself, is going to make all the difference in how you feel about things. 
It allows you to pause, check in with yourself, and shift your perspective a little. Self-care helps you feel better about yourself. To feel balanced and clearer within your mind. We never show ourselves love like we do hate. So showing ourselves a little love can make all the difference in how we feel. About us, about life. 

Even just sleeping all day gives you the escape you probably needed, and allows you switch off from life for a few hours. 

When you're not feeling okay, it's easy to lash out at yourself about it. Which makes you feel even less okay.
Enough with "you're so weak and stupid." And work on "you're strong and you're doing the best you can."
Because you got this, girl. You got your back.

De-stress, have a cry, sleep for as long as you require. Don't feel bad about it because that's what's going to help you carry on. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. I loved this post! Self care is so important and these are some great ways to look after yourself!

    Ella xx

    1. I wasn't sure if I got my point across sufficiently, or if I made any sense ahha! This can be a tricky topic to chat about, but thank you! I'm glad :) It really is important! It can change so much about how you feel or think about something happening in your life and make such a difference.


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