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How to subtly prepare last-minute for Halloween (with your nails)

With every passing year and age, we utter the same words; "It doesn't really, feel all that festive this year. That sucks!" Be it Christmas or Halloween (although let's be real, Halloween is basically, a more fun version of Christmas.) 
No matter how excited you are or which Halloween-themed candles you add to your collection, it'll be the 31st before you know it and you really, haven't done that much to celebrate/prepare.

Throw in the fact that you'll be working on the 31st in an office, and out goes any chance to dress up. (Will that stop me from dressing a little bit witchy, though? Nope.) 

So, how can you prepare last-minute even just the tiniest bit? 

I'll tell you how!


Halloween-themed candles.
A cute monster movie (preferably animated and not scary in the slightest.)
Halloween doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.
False nails.
Black and orange nail polish.
Nail clippers and a nail file. 

Prepare a Halloween-themed manicure.

Nail-art or even just polish that is a little Halloween-y is the best and easiest way to get festive. It's subtle and works better than a costume you can only have on for a few hours. 
It's the best last-minute way to celebrate and is very low maintenance. Perfect for going to work, or being the kind of person who doesn't want to go "all out" but still wants to get a little festive. 

Look for some nail tutorials on Youtube, or simply paint your nails in Halloween colours. You know, the orange/black combo or even the purple/black. Works wonders. 

Keep it simple so it doesn't look too "odd" when the 1st of November rolls around, and your manicure is still firmly stuck on your fingertips.

The festive colours & specifically shaped nail look. 

Step 1. Start with some false nails so you have something to work with when shaping them all spooky-like. These can be full cover glue on's or even a gel manicure

Step 2. Shape your nails into something a little spooky. Either a sharp point for some cat claws. Or coffin nails (my new favourite nail shape.)
- To shape your coffin nails, simply cut the sides/corners off your square nails. To resemble a coffin. 
The more tapered the sides are, the more coffin-like they look. File them where necessary.

Step 3. Paint them orange and black for a classicly un-mistakable Halloween look, using one colour as an accent or by alternating each colour on different fingers.
Your choice. 
Finish them with a matte top coat for a nice witchy look.  

Not to mention how relaxed you now feel after spending a good while pampering yourself.

Self-care: Halloween edition. AMIRIGHT?!?
Now you have a subtle, work-appropriate yet also festive Halloween nail look. You're prepared for Halloween now. 
You're welcome. 

Who said you must have an elaborate makeup look, hair tutorial or costume to get into the spirit of things?  
Not me! I say movies, candles, decor, and manicures are enough. 

Happy Halloween!

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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