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How to have a slow weekend

& not feel bad about it.

Most of us spend five days of the week rushing around with our 9-to-5's. We get up way too early, rush to get ready, rush through a job we may or may not even like and then rush to get home and sleep at a reasonable time so that we can do it all again the next day. 
Sounds like heaven, right? 
It's exhausting and sometimes not even worth it. After the fifth day, it's easy for it to get to you. You feel like all you do, is work and sleep (the job isn't even worthy of that either.) 
What's a girl to do?

Self-care and treating yourself to pick-me-ups are a hot topic for this column lately. Put it down to only just realising how important those things are in keeping you sane. 
So it's only natural that the topic of living slowly on the weekends should arise. It's basically, another form of self-care. You can't drive yourself crazy if you're taking it easy, right?
"Slow weekends" are all about relaxing and doing things at your own pace. Without feeling bad or worrying about how many hours are left in the day. Quote - the unprofessional opinion of me.

How to have a slow weekend.  

With a slow start. 

Wake up as slowly as feels comfortable for you. Catch up on sleep and take your time getting out of bed. Maybe you'd like to sit up in bed for a while, wrapped in your cosy blankets just scrolling Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube for a while. Catch up on those ridiculous "stories" Cosmo, Buzzfeed and Refinery29 post in their subscriptions. 
You know the ones. A girl can get lost in those for hours. 
Before finally getting up when you feel the urge to, putting on something comfy and cosy, and heading to the kitchen for a lazy brunch. 

Weekdays are for jumping out of bed at 6:30 am, grabbing a coffee and frantically getting ready to leave. You don't have time to catch up on any social media, and a to-go breakfast is as good as you're going to get.
So why not take the time to just go slow on your days off? 
You deserve it. And might I say, probably need it? 

Don't do anything until you finally feel the need to. 

Spend your day binge-watching TV shows, movies, Youtube videos, while you paint your nails or flip through this month's magazine that you haven't gotten around to yet. 
Don't pay attention to what time it is. You spend five days out of the week watching the clock. 
Just relax and let your mind slip away into oblivion for a day or two as you recuperate and prepare for the week ahead. 

After a while, you'll feel the need to get up and do something productive. And it'll be your desire to do so. Not the fact that you only have a few hours of daylight and your to-do list is growing. You'll feel much more satisfied this way, and you'll get the chance to relax. Your tasks will still get done, just slowly and in your own time. 
Trust me. Less stress. 

Finally, don't feel bad about it. 

We only get two days to do whatever we want - some only get one. Every other day is filled with watching the time, worrying about how little time we have, and rushing to do things. We get up at the crack of dawn, in the cold, and get out of the house - to adult. 
For just two short days, we should be able to sleep in, go slow, stay in and do nothing if we want to and not feel bad about it. 
We deserve it. It's how we cope. And that's okay. 

By the end of your slow weekend, you'll feel much more refreshed and relaxed and at least a little more prepared to begin your next lot of five days. 

Despite not being very productive, you'll still feel like you've made the most of your weekend. Simply because it wasn't filled with stress and a rush to complete things.

Save your stress, annoyance and to-do lists for those five working days when the rest of the world is right there along with you. As for the other two out of seven - take your time, and just stop. 

You'll love yourself much more for it. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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