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How to have a forest adventure... without a forest

What?? I know, crazy right?

Almost a year ago now (woah, right?) I advised you all on how to have a forest adventure with an actual rainforest. It was fun we had some fun times. 
And while girl loves her rainforests, it's unrealistic to say forests are easy to come by. But what if you want to have a forest adventure and there isn't one close by? 

Well, I'm glad you asked! 

It started when I was in NSW recently and had a little time after work to explore with a solo adventure. As it was a Saturday night, and most things were shut when my shift ended, my only option was the Botanical Gardens. A happy option, mind you because I already had my camera with me, and I can think of nothing better than a solo adventure to a garden. 
It was there I realised just how forest-like this magical place was. Full of wildlife, flora and enchanting pathways. It was basically like being in a forest, without actually being in a forest.

And hence, my next how-to was born!

How to have a solo forest adventure, without a forest.

Go to a Botanical Garden.

There's a botanical garden almost everywhere you go, much like there are museums and zoos. It's the perfect educational display of plant life and a few native birds and animals that live there too. 
They're free and sometimes, like the one in Sydney, you can find a garden that has divided sections carved to look like you're walking through a jungle. 

Lakes and flowing rivers give off a rainforest vibe and the squeaks, honks and flutters of birds complete the whole experience.
And if you take photos in select places, no one is the wiser ;)

Don't be afraid to go a little "touristy."

Even if you live there, don't be afraid to hit up the tourist spots such as parks and ranges. In areas close to, or on mountain ranges, you'll find yourself a paradise of natural growing and man-planted trees and shrubbery. For Melbournians, you've got the Yarra & Dandenong ranges; mountainsides made up of tall trees and a variety of native flowers and birds. These places are maintained for the sake of being tourist attractions. 

"Oh hey, we're in this new country, let's go see it's natural landscapes and habitats!" 

Therefore, these parks and ranges come complete with maps, staircases and concreted pathways so you can take a comfortable walk through a beautiful natural forest-like landscape. 

Win, win.

Make sure you've got on walking shoes, and bring any camera you've got. 

That way you'll look like a man with a plan when you're exploring by yourself.One of my goals this year was to do more things alone. Correction, do things alone and not be afraid of it.
My faux forest adventure was a solo one by circumstance. I was flown to Sydney for work and therefore, was alone. So my adventures were completed solo.
And it was exhilarating. Adulting points: 100.

While going on an adventure alone is nothing to be scared of, you'll definitely, enjoy it more if you're going with a plan. Bring along a camera of any kind to document your adventure, so you'll have something to do and focus on while you're there.

Walking around aimlessly just looking at the trees is nice, but keeping your eyes peeled for ultimate photo-worthy scenery is much more fun. You also won't look quite so strange and lonely to others.

And wear comfy shoes so your feet won't want to murder you. 
Seriously. That's the only piece of advice you need here really.

Don't forget to have fun on your little adventure and soak up the scenery. 

Rule number one is to have fun. Let yourself whisper "Oh wow, so pretty!" when you see something beautiful. Take photos and even Snapchat-it, but put all cameras down for a few minutes to just relax and soak up your environment. 
If you're solo, linger around in a favourite spot for longer than you would if you had someone else with you. 

Because let's face it, if you had someone with you, they'd be all "I'm bored, let's move on" after 2 seconds of "looking at a pond."

In other words, go out and have an adventure! 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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