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How to buy glasses online & where to buy them from

Because most of us need to wear glasses, these days.

When I got my first pair of prescription glasses at age, well, young, I was one of a few in primary school. Now, pretty much, everyone wears them or needs them. 

Most of us wear glasses now so glasses frames (and how much they are) is an issue.
Needing new frames when our glasses wear-out. New frames with a new prescription because why not? You gotta pay for new lenses anyway (just me?) New frames because you're kind of bored with the ones you have now, and you'd like another pair to jazz things up a little. 

Can I get an amen? 

While frames tend to be quite the pricey expense, if it comes to having a second pair to swap when you get bored, there are affordable options out there. Options that will do the trick without falling apart, or breaking easily.
Much like handbags, sometimes you need one expensive one and one cheap one to keep you satisfied.  

How & where to buy glasses online.

Know your preferred shape, size and colour.

The issue (or exciting mystery?) of buying glasses frames online is the inability to try them on before you make the purchase.
Know what will flatter your face or just the shape/colour you prefer beforehand, so you'll know that your new frames will look good when you get them. Saving you buyers remorse and making the shop quicker and easier. 

*on a similar note, have your prescription handy from your optometrist.*

Read the description and measurements of the product.

This is important to make sure you get the right frame for you. The product details will specifically, tell you the material, style and size of the frames. So you won't be surprised with what you receive.
The more specific the description is, the better it will be for you. 

Kindly tip: visit the website I'm about to recommend because you'll have access to that very thing. 

Go Budget. 

Buying frames online can be risky if you receive them and they're not right for whatever reason. And if you'd just paid a fortune for them the blow can be even more painful. However, if you go budget and spend a little less for your second backup pair, the risk of buyers remorse is significantly lower if not non-existent. 
There's no shame in buying glasses that cost downwards of $100, especially if you get a pair that doesn't look as cheap as they are.

Pick out frames that look a little more expensive. Ones that use metal in the frame or are two-toned. Something with too much plastic or just a flat black frame can look cheap. Just because they were affordable, doesn't mean they need to look like it.

Where to buy glasses online, that give you all of the above. are affordable and allow you to buy prescription lenses of every kind. And they give you options of every shape, size, and style imaginable. You can shop by material, shape or style. Or you can purchase prescription sunglasses here too. You can see a description of the frame, dimensions, material, and if they're eligible for your prescription. 

The quality of the frames is pretty darn decent for their price too. The plastic frames can feel a little "plastic-y," but they're still quite sturdy for such a budget price. 

The Novia Cat Eye in Tortoise are the ones I chose to trial, and although they were intended to be a second pair for fashion reasons, they've now become my everyday pair. 
They fit wonderfully on the head, are comfortable, and the lenses themselves are so clear seeing things is so much easier. They don't look too cheap, and I think they suit me wonderfully. They're quite sturdy and are snug around the ears without being too tight. I don't feel like they're going to snap easily unless I used too much unnecessary force. 
They're comfortable in all areas. 
I could wear them all day (probably what I'm supposed to do.) 

Depending on the kind of frame you get, some don't have a spring behind the arms, so they don't have wiggle room. You need to be careful you don't snap the arms off if you pull them back too far.

If they come a little too tight, you may need to go to the optometrist to get them widened a little, but that's a given with any new pair and is completely doable. If there isn't any wire inside the arms of your plastic frames, they won't widen up too much, but you can still play with them a little to make them less tight.

I did this with my frames which were much too tight on my head. With a little heating and wiggling from my optometrist, they were perfect. 

I ADORE my pair. They're so cute, and I'm impressed with the quality considering the price-point. 

Kindly Tip:

If you'd like your own secondary pair of glasses frames or sunglasses, you can get them even cheaper with your discount code: GSHOT50.

*Post in collaboration with The frames with prescription lenses were provided by Glasses Shop, however, all words and options are completely my own. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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