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How to pack an "essentials" handbag, perfect for the Holidays

A girl can't just have one handbag. I mean, you can try. But if there's one thing I've learned since discovering my handbag addiction, is that one handbag doesn't fit all occasions. She needs an "everyday" bag that can fit the essentials plus, a planner, a book for the train and any other bits and bobs. On the weekend, however, she just needs an "essentials" bag to fit only the things she needs, and nothing more. 

The essentials bag is smaller, lighter, and won't make your shoulder ache while it hangs from you during your shopping trip. It's the perfect size for the Holidays, only needing the essentials while you're out on Christmas or New Years. It feels like you're not wearing anything, and won't become annoying to lug around with you.
Plus, it's the perfect excuse for another handbag. Go on, girl. Buy yourself something nice.

What to carry in an essentials handbag.  

Only the things you need for the few hours you'd be out.

- Purse
- Keys
- Phone
- Sunglasses or umbrella - depending on the weather
- Headphones - in case you're on transport or need a little music
- A mini-toiletries bag for panadol, hand sanitizer and other things you may need. 
And, that's it. 

The point of an essentials bag (aside from the excuse of having another handbag) is to carry only the things you need without the excess stuff. So you can go to the shops, that bar, to dinner with limited baggage. (lol) Without having to lug around an unnecessarily heavy bag of things you won't use, or need, on your adventure in question.

Girl, it'll change your life.

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


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