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How to reduce your cellulite. If you want to.

Hands up if you have cellulite. 

*49.6% of the world raises their hands, including me.* That is how many women there are on this planet. And as women, we wear badges of honour such as cellulite and stretch marks just by being women.
Yes, I have cellulite. Cool. Okay. Moving on. 
If you ask society, they'll tell you only a "certain body-shape" has cellulite. But if you tell your mother your frustrations she'll sigh and respond, "Yes, I know, don't worry too much, we all have it." Because, mother knows that no matter your size or how much exercise you do, you are going to end up with cellulite at some point.

So, what can you do about it? 

Well, you could just do nothing about it.

Because hey, it's a normal thing our body does. Maybe you like to wear your badge of womanhood proudly. Maybe you don't even notice it's a thing.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

However, some of us just want to minimise it as much as we can, because we want to. If you'd like to reduce the appearance and even have them almost disappear, then you can do things.

What things?

These things.

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is this awfully painful thing you do to yourself to help smooth and buff the fat pockets out from underneath your skin. 
It has bristles that scratch and poke your delicate skin like tiny little needles. Some brushes will also have little rubber nodes that can help massage the area out and reduce how painful the act can be. While, you know, massaging the fat pockets out from underneath your skin. 

Dry brushes are designed to exfoliate, buff and work the area out naturally, to help burst the pockets and push everything around to make it smooth again. Much more effective than using your hands, it really does help to minimise the appearance of your little butt-dimples.

Use a cellulite gel

Dry brushing alone is painful. Dry brushing with some body wash can help soften the feeling. 
But dry brushing with a cellulite gel can give you effects that are immediate and noticeable. Almost making it disappear.  
Cellulite products are designed to help firm the skin and burst the fat pockets with active ingredients including a warming agent. Combined with a dry brush, the results are magical. 

Nip + Fab's Cellulite Fix is a perfect product for this very thing. The gel itself is soft and silky and applies smoothly to the skin. After a few minutes, it has a gentle warming sensation that feels like it's softening the fat below the skin and prepping it to be massaged into place. Keep reading to see if it works, though.
Cellulite fix can be found on, the official online Australia stockist for many fabulous beauty brands both international and national. Making it that much easier for us Aussie girls to acquire beauty from across the seven seas easily, quickly, and without the hefty conversion prices. It's basically a better, bigger online version of Priceline. 
We must have died and gone to heaven. 

The method

1. Apply your cellulite fix gel to the areas in question and massage gently with your hands, focusing on moving the fat and skin in an upwards direction.
2. Then, with your (wet, how ironic) dry brush, brush over the areas in both circular and upwards motions. Don't be afraid to push into the skin a little bit so the rubber nodes can buff everything out. 
3. After as many minutes as your patience can stand, simply rinse the product away. 
4. Repeat each time you shower. 

The madness

Results are impressive, and I mean impressive! With just the dry brush, the appearance is minimised by half, leaving you with smoother looking thighs and butts. Not to mention very soft skin thanks to the exfoliating power of those rough bristles.

However, paired with Cellulite Fix.

Cellulite vanished to a subtle tease in just a few uses, reducing the appearance to almost invisible. I was shocked. I got further with using the "fix" than I ever did with just dry brushing and body wash. 

It definitely helps to use a gel or product for cellulite for quick, lasting results. I was more than impressed with the "fix."
However, just massaging and dry brushing regularly works like a charm to help reduce the appearance, soften the skin and exfoliate the area. 

If all else fails, there is also the DIY option of using coffee to help burst those bubbles.

Sometimes, we need to add an extra step to our shower routine for the sake of self-confidence. I wanted to get rid of my cellulite to help with my own lack of self-confidence, so I set out to try and fix it. It's not a shameful thing, it's not embarrassing. Plus, it worked.

We have cellulite.
So what? 
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*Post in collaboration with All words and opinions completely my own. Including this: definitely, check out this BRILL site if you're a fellow Aussie lady. One for the bookmarks tab*
A lovely thank you to RY for sending me this FAB product that worked like a charm and gave me the motivation to sit here for a good hour at least and write my first post for 2017.

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. I can honestly say my cellulite isn't anywhere near as bad since I lost some weight, but I'm definitely going to try this on what's left x

    1. Oh that would definitely help the issue, for sure. Maybe first call to action for some? It's annoying when that isn't an option though, if I lost weight I'd be considered anorexic. Pilates apparently doesn't help either haha. Although this helped massively so I won't complain, def worth the try haha.

  2. I've always found myself in the "so what" camp but it's nice knowing there are simple, inexpensive remedies out there.... If I so choose.

    1. "So what" is such a great attitude and one I had too. It's not big deal at all but I was also happy when I found out it was easy to minimise it if I felt like doing so.


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