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How to perfect the morning "snooze" routine

Get completely ready in 30 minutes or less. 

Featuring the sweater dress part 2.

Hands in the air, those who abuse the snooze button every morning to give themselves an extra 40 minutes of sleep. Well, maybe a normal person will only hit the snooze two or three times giving themselves an extra 10-to-20 minutes.
But for a lazy girl like myself who really has nothing to look forward to once the alarm goes off, 40 minutes just isn't enough snooze time.
And you may be thinking, "Girl, why don't you just set a later alarm time?" Solid logic, I'll admit. But that just means I'm unprepared, mentally, when the alarm does go off, and I'll have no time to snooze at all. That's just stressful. 

But one doesn't need too much time to get ready in the morning. Not really. A shower is unnecessary in most cases (have one the night before.) On the go, breakfasts were made for the snooze button. And how dressed up do you really, need to get? 

In most cases, it's very do-able to just do the minimum. Make it easy for yourself. Some things can even be done while you're sleeping so you get the ultimate, "I woke up like this" look.
Okay, enough chit-chat.

How to perfect the Snooze Routine. 

Keep the outfit simple and minimal.

Something that's easy to just throw on, without the need for too much extra styling. A sweater dress or a playsuit works in the way of being an entire weather-appropriate outfit with one piece of clothing. All you'd need is a jacket, and away you go.
In the colder months, a sweater dress acts as an all-purpose outfit. It's warm, feminine and, best of all, easy.  

A cozy-style sweater dress like this one provided by requires no extra styling. Just throw it on and move to the next stage of getting ready. 

Other quick and easy outfit combos:

- A cute dress.
- A basic tunic and skinny jeans.
- A simple tank tucked into an a-line skirt. 

Quick and easy.

Create effortless, undone waves in your hair the night before.

If you can, skip the straightening and heat styling of a morning that sucks way too much time out of your routine. For the girls who'd prefer not to just throw their hair into a ponytail or bun (very do-able for the daily,) you can give yourself perfectly tousled waves while you sleep. 
Wash your hair the night before and when it's about 90% dry, tie it up into a  high bun.

In the morning, take your bun out and gently tousle your mane with your fingers, and let it fall naturally in place. Voila. Your hairstyle for the day is complete.

Keep your makeup as minimal as possible. 

Lazy girls don't generally, have extensive makeup routines anyway. So this part is already a breeze for us. 

For some, a little concealer where it counts and a dusting of powder will suffice and only take about 10 minutes. For others, maybe just a thin layer of foundation will do just fine. 

To make yourself look more done-up than you actually, are, focus more on your eye makeup. Take a smudge brush to some black eyeshadow, and create a quick cat-eye. Just smudge some eyeshadow onto your lashline and drag it outwards a little with the brush to create an extended line for a little flick.
It's much easier than using eyeliner. It's quicker and more subtle. And easier to fix if you make a mistake.

Swipe on a little mascara, and you're good to go.

By keeping everything as simple as possible, you can cut out so much time from your morning routine. Leaving you with more time to snooze and dread having to get up in the first place. 


Sweater dress: Tobi. Bag: Dolls Kill. Phone case: Valfre. Shoes: Rubi.

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


  1. Your blog and photos are so eclectic and beautiful, I love them! I adore this outfit, especially the beret :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aww, well thank you so much lovely! Haha my berets are my fave part too, love them!


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