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How to style an A/W staple: the sweater dress

The lazy girl Autumn/Winter staple. 

Sweater dresses might not be for everyone, but for me, they're an absolute staple. They're ideal for any lazy girl who just wants to throw on something cute, warm and simple during the colder months without having to think too much about it. It's a dress and jumper all in one. A whole outfit in one item easily dressed up with your choice of outerwear, accessories and shoes.

Am I selling sweater dresses to you enough yet? 

But the question here is, how does one style a sweater dress? Depending on the actual dress, it can either look frumpy and basic. Or it can look effortless, cute and even a little bit 90's inspired.

How to style a sweater dress.

Pair it with a tailored jacket or coat. 

Sometimes a sweater dress on its own can look kind of "blah." You know? But when paired with a fitted coat or jacket, it can instantly add a little "chic" to the look. It can look more put together and complete. A bomber jacket gives the dress a 90's feel. While a long, fitted coat looks sleek, sophisticated and sharp. Just what you want in an outfit. And a pleather jacket adds a little edge to your look for a grunge effect. 

Sometimes, the key to styling a sweater dress is in the outerwear. It's what you pair with it that will make all the difference. A simple jacket thrown over the top makes your lazy outfit say "I totes put so much effort into this." 

Go for a chunky, heeled ankle bootie.

The shoes are the next big part of your outfit when dressing up a sweater dress. Shoes that are too boring and basic can make your outfit look "thrown" together. While a shoe that makes a statement towards the particular look you're going for will give it purpose. 
Any ankle booties will work an absolute charm with a sweater dress. 
Wear a bootie with a chunky heel for an instant fierce injection that will take the dress out of the "blah" zone and into the "cute!" zone. 

If you're going for a more laid-back daily casual look, a flat Chelsea-style boot or combat boot add an instant edge without being too simple.  

That's pretty much it.

A cute handbag and away you go girl. A sweater dress is supposed to be easy and simple, so don't complicate it too much. Keep it cute and lazy.

The outfit.

A sweater dress provided by
Heeled combat boots (similar.) 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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