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How to maintain smooth, clear skin in two steps

It seems like we spend our entire lives hunting for clear, smooth skin. That awkward moment when; we're told we'll only have pimples during our teenage years, only to find out later that our faces break out pretty much ALL THE DAMN TIME throughout our adult lives too.
Our quest goes as follows: face masks, a million types of different cleansers, moisturisers, toners, serums, pimple creams. The list is endless. Endless! 

Most of us have all fallen into the trap of using multiple products to try and keep out skin clear. Lord knows, the bloggers and vloggers we look up to have ridiculously extensive skincare routines. That has influenced our own, at one point or another.
We've scrubbed, we've tried organic, we've alternated different kinds of products and layered on face masks. 

True, everyone's skin is different, and we all react to certain products differently. Some skin might benefit from crazy routines and a billion products. Others, not so much.

But, what about us lazy girls (me) who want clear skin in, like, two steps?

There's a way. And I think I may have found two options and types of products that will do something lovely. I assure you.

       How to;  

Use a cream cleanser

Daily cleansers that scrub or foam can be drying, stripping and even harmful when used regularly. 
Cream cleansers are free from soaps and foaming agents that could strip the face of its natural oils and aggravate it to the point of regular breakouts. They're also gentle and moisturising, leaving the skin clean and baby-soft, adding back the moisture you're taking away during your daily cleansing. 

If it's free from harsh chemicals and made with natural oils, you've got a winner. 
Goodness Everyday Cream Cleanser is a fantastic candidate for step one. It's gentle, silky soft and moisturising, while also effectively removing makeup and dirt, leaving your natural oils intact. It feels lovely. Just lovely. Honestly.

I've never used anything from Goodness before. But I shall continue to because it does what it says straight-up on the bottle. It gives you a little bit of goodness. I'm impressed.

A creamy moisturiser that's a bit heavy+

+Heavy, meaning it doesn't sink right into the skin straight away, and even stays on the surface till you wake up in the morning. A moisturiser that is creamy and soft. That isn't too thin or watery so that it sticks to your skin, slowly replenishing it with moisture. 

It might feel better for your skin to have a moisturiser that does the opposite to what I've just recommended, but it doesn't do your skin any favours in the long-run. To keep your skin smooth and clear, it needs to be well hydrated. Using a moisturiser that is a little thicker, and doesn't sink into the skin, keeps skin hydrated. If you wake up with a thin residue left behind, then you've just been protected against the harsh fibres of your pillow. And the air. Congratulations! 
All amazing things for your skin.
Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser* is exactly that. My skin hasn't looked and felt this good in, well, forever? One of the active ingredients is, you guessed it, Kale. Which helps to nourish and strengthen the skin, protecting and softening in one. This moisturiser sticks to the skin and leaves it baby soft, even after you wash the residue away. It isn't oily and doesn't feel heavy. It's smooth to apply and, with the help of a few vitamins and cucumber extract, freshens the skin up and soothes it.
Although, it doesn't need to do much soothing if you're using a cream cleanser too.
It's silky smooth and promotes equally silky skin. I haven't been this impressed with my own skincare routine in ages.

Kindly tip: a cream cleanser helps enhance the benefits of a cream moisturiser like this one. 

The best practice

When using a moisturiser like this one, it's best to cleanse and moisturise before you head to bed for the night. The moisturiser will sit on your skin and continue to soften and replenish throughout the entire night. As it leaves a light residue behind, you can wash it off with water the next morning to reveal soft, beautiful clear skin. 

The key is to match your cleanser with your moisturiser. You want them to be gentle, soft creams that keep your skin hydrated rather than stripped-down. 

Also, I never intended for my skincare routine to be all green (note; the colour of both these bottles) but hey, it works doesn't it? Maybe the key is to inject a little more green? 
(I don't actually, know as much as I think I do. But it's pretty to have matching coloured bottles. So there's that. )

*Product sent by but opinions are completely my own after using it for at least three months now. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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