Kindly, Sheree is your friendly, fun lifestyle column, that's a little relatable, inspirational and useful.

Just like Andie Anderson in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, this lifestyle how-to column is penned by a lowly 23-year-old lifestyle writer. Aka, How-to girl.
It's supportive and not at all serious. But you may read a few helpful things here that will brighten your day, have your head nod involuntarily in agreement, or have you thinking, "man, that was so useful!"
If so, it's done its job. And it thanks you for playing the game.

Post Schedule: 

But I won't say just how regular.
Plausible deniability?

About The Editor:

A lowly 24-year-old lifestyle writer, photographer and journalist from Melbourne, Australia.
A passionate wildlife photojournalist who's ideal adventure includes spontaneity, mass amounts of nature with wildlife and forests. Seriously, nature = yes, please. 

Her interests lie equally in lifestyle writing and photography taking a liking to various types of fine art & photojournalism. She's one of those people who has varying interests and goals with many paths that suit her passions.
This blog is just one passion path. The entire blog is her passion. Lifestyle writing and blogging is just her thing. Okay?

While she has also always had dreams of becoming an artist since she was a child. Her medium being photography, she's had this sick dream of her work being hung on gallery walls, the walls of people's homes or in the pages of magazines.
And so, she's taken steps to bring her wildlife imagery to Society6, where she will exhibit them as an artist and have them available as art prints and home decor. Close enough.

All while she plans to one day be a big-time photo editor of some magazine. This blog + mad photography skills = photo editor. Yeah, makes sense.

Basically, a lifestyle writer, photographer, artist and dreamer.


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